graphics card

any preferences?

Thanks, everyone. for all of your suggestions on sound cards. Now one more question:

Anyone have any preference on graphics cards?

I’m considering ATI x1900, x1800
Geforce 7900
Looking at these for both music and video.

Or open to other suggestions.

A graphics card with no fan!

At least the Geforce seems to have one, not sure about the ATIs. The fans tend to be noisy, although they might be replaceable with a (slightly) quieter model.

That is, if you don’t have a soundproof cabinet for your CPU.

You’d be looking at the “generally considered underpowered” variants of the Nvidia stuff - the 5200, 6200, 7300 can often come with passive cooling. The other variants can usually have some sort of silent aftermarket stuff replacing the stock HSF.

Nvidia for me though.

Edit: It looks like the more powerful versions can also be had with stock passive cooling, but you might have to pay more. Google “7600 passive cooling” and the like to see what comes up.