Great, cheap guitars...

from China no less…

I don’t know if anyone is aware of this, but Jay Turser is putting out some very nice, really cheap guitars. They are (mostly) made in China and have good hardware and are well made. They remind me of the late 70’s early 80’s Ibanez guitars that came out of Japan. I picked up a JT 134 Quilt hollowbody for $300 (free shipping) and it is a very nice instrument. I have a few students that have bought the flame top Les Paul and they are also very nice.

These are not $3000 instruments, :p but amazing instruments for the price (mostly well under $350).

Dovetail set necks
binding everywhere
quality hardware
good sounding pickups
lifetime warranty
nice looking instruments
free shipping



I almost got their hofner style bass a while back. Held off, wondering about quality - thanks Dr.! for Agile guitars…My son bought a sunburst Les Paul for 300.00 buks and it is outstanding.
Cheers :laugh:

That hollowbody looks remarkably like my Dean hollowbody. I think it is made in Korea though. It’s not a bad guitar for the money. I did’nt buy it new, got it on a trade. We guitarists are living in good times right now. You can pick up a very sweet axe for less than $300. Beats the heck outta the junk I had when I was a kid. (30 years ago…)


Yeah - I love it! Our whole economy is being fueled by socialism/communism.

The Republicans rise up in arms when you mention socialist-type programs here, but they don’t seem to have any problems with shipping jobs to China & buying all that socialist produced goods!!! In fact, they encourage it.

I have this one :
Built in Korea, not China. Build quality is nice :)