Great New Product (KF spellchecker)

A company called Boreal Forest Tree Lovers and Soft Solutions has a great new product to offer. It the Kingfish spell checker.

Not your old humdrum traditional conservative spell checker, that will quickly analyze your posts and offer a plethora of solutions in an efficient manner, the Kingfish spell checker will scrutinize your texticals and consult with an inner circle of enlightened forest spirits that will post a spelling solutions about 5 hours later.

The company primarily attributes this slow service to UPS but refuse to adapt to more efficient interfacing approaches such as Firewire primarily because of Al Gore’s new movie. The company is currently using a a system of marijuanna smoke signals to transmit data comparing your texticular inbalance to text from the Mama’s and Papa’s greatist hits.

lol :p

And don’t forget the new book coming out, by the same company.

It’s a new religion spawned by disproving the existing religions on the basis of common themes.

‘Cause everyone knows if two religions are similar than they must both be wrong.

The phenomenal new text with it’s ground breaking theory is destined for a book store near you! :;):

(We love ya, kingfish! just a little early mornin’ roast in your honor) :laugh:

keep shinin’

WoW StuH…You should write children’s books. :p

WoW Germy…I read your post where you criticized your own band of brothers and now you’ve thrown your hat in with an atheist! Hmmmmm. :p

StuH…obviously these little spelling mishaps have really got to you. Get a grip…I’m just having fun at your expense! This is a tactic that was used on me on other sites way back at election time…From the Karl Rove Play Book in fact, …and really effective if you’ve written a lengthy and accurate argument…to just kill the flow of the argument by pointing out spelling mistakes and/or errors in grammar. From that point on your argument is dead. I guess it works pretty well! :p

You gonna play that tele for us? I’m not a tree huggin’ hippie. Ain’t no trees worth huggin’ here. They all gots too many thorns! I’ve been doing some collabs at (under a different name) and I’m hoping they get finished and posted so I can post some of my playing.

Germy…as nutzo as I think you are at times I just can’t bring myself to “kick the dog” (so to speak). Must be your picture that reminds me of a lost pup or sumptin’.


PS: Thanks StuH…you motivated me to install a spell checker for Opera. :p

LOL :p

Quote (KingFish @ June 25 2006,14:13)
WoW Germy…I read your post where you criticized your own band of brothers and now you’ve thrown your hat in with an atheist! Hmmmmm. :p

Now wait a minute…this new religion isn’t sounding that new anymore! :D

I believe there are several other religions who’s members can dish out criticism one every subject but take none on any themselves.

Their leader is he who likes to yank chains but doesn’t like his yanked.

keep shinin’

jerm :cool:

Playbook is one word.

im sorta diggin the reefer smoke signals,
man,i couldnt have thought that up,maybe cause ive read too many signals?
you guys got sumthin against trees or what?i personally think theyre great,i mean,if theres no trees,what does a dog piss on,?
you guys play nice darnnit,no more of that bickering like little girls! LMAO: