Great news...

Who says jobs are hard to find?

Got a call from AIG today. I landed an executive position with a hiring bonus of ten million bucks! I’ll work until my 45 day probationary period is over, then retire!

It was easy. On the application where it asked for “Financial Industry experience” I just put down; 'I watched my wife balance our checkbook once…'

The guy that interviewed me? I just slipped him a hundred dollar bill and a twenty five gift certificate for Starbucks. He just said "Great! You’re IN!"


PS I’d like to thank all of you for paying your taxes to make this possible!! :agree: I would also like to thank all of your great, great grandchildren in advance…

PPS All the above is untrue of course… but it sounds about like something those dip s#%ts would do…

Yep, quite a farce they got going with our dollars!

I’m thinking bout boycotting taxes in general, screw em all! :agree:

Jeez - when I had a job - I couldn’t afford anything.
Now that I can afford stuff, I don’t have a job. :heart-break:

Well… rats! Screwed by congress… AGAIN!!

I guess I’ll have to settle for one million. Darn it all…


Taxes are still tax deductible ain’t they? Next year you’ll get a bigger refund!
Surely the IRS will allow this to be deductible ?? I know - don’t call me Surely.


:laugh: So that's where I heard it!