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Hello Folks,

does anybody have experiences with the Virtual Drum Software Groove-Agent in combination with n-Track?
I have some minor problems using this software, for instance ramdomly for one bar, the drums are muted (I am using an original registrated Version of Groove Agent 1, not a decentral safety copy :) )
Anybody knows the diffenences between Jamstix and Groove Agent (what is the better Drum software?)


I tried the grooveagent demo but the patterns didn’t really fit my style of music (rock/acoustic stuff).
Or maybe I just couldn’t get it to work properly.
It seemed there were many more patterns that were just disableed for the demo (which meant I had no way of telling if they were any good or not).

I use Jamstix and love it.

It works for what I want and when something doesn’t quite fit you can usually tweak it pretty easily.

Plus when I tried the Jamstix demo you get just about all the features but it just blanks the output every so often so I got to see whether or not it suited my needs or not.

Lots of people seem to like Grooveagent though so depends what works for you.

Support for Jamstix is second to none.
Just browse the forum and you will see


Hello RichLum,

the demo of Groove Agent only has these two styles you mentioned. The full version has all Styles I need (rock musik, too).

So I have tried the Jamstix Demo but I was not able to get a reasonable Drumpattern out of it. I haven’t understood the programs philosophy I thing.
But sometimes the Groove Agent is difficult, too.


Check ou tthe Groove Agent forum. It seems this is a common problem with Groove Agent in Logic. Betcha n-track is doing something similar to Logic that causes this. There are a lot of folks kinda pissed about this in the Steinberg forums it seems. Do a quick search over there or on KVR-VST and you will see what I mean.

I use Acid Pro and am very happy with it for drums

Is Jamstix and Groove agent like a program that can make up drums to your songs without needing to program them in hit by hit?

oh, and how well does it work making beats when you feed it audio?

Hello Dyers,

I don’t know much about jamstix. It seems to analyse the audio, and do something.

The Groove Agent V1 doesn’t analyse your song (only bpm). The Groove Agent just play along with the song and you can select the style, for instance Hard Rock or Teckno or whatever. For each style you can select 25 patterns with differnet complexity and dirrferent fill styles. So if your song plays, you can select, the complexity or let him play fills if you want (you have to press the button).
You can record the Output to midi in ntrack, so you can “program” your drum track with Groove Agent. It works really fine for me.
Some kind of random play allthougth is integrated. This feature if nice, if you want to jam.


I’m mainly just wondering if I could save time or make more realistic drum tracks with Jamstix or Grooveagent when compared to using acoustic drum samples in Fruity Loops. As I’m not a drummer, programming from scratch in FL or midi doesn’t result in the most convincing performance.

You save much of time with grooveagent an possibly jamstix, because you only tell the program, which style of music it should play and, if you have a more or less complete song, where are your chorus and your verses are, and where you want a fill. Everything else the progamm is doing for you. So you can “programm” a drum track in a few minutes, if you know, what you want, or you can try out some styles and drumkits in order to find the right groove.

A real drummer can’t be replaced with this tools but in order to save an idea of a song these tools might help you.


Anyone have some audio files of music using one of these programs? Perferably a smallish file as im on 56k

Google is your friend… Go here.

Quote (Dyers @ May 12 2005,22:57)
Anyone have some audio files of music using one of these programs? Perferably a smallish file as im on 56k

I haven’t finished anything yet using Jamstix for the drums but if you go to the jamstix forum there is a sticky for people to post songs they have used jamstix on

Also in relation to the forum, the responsiveness of Ralph, one of the developers, is amazing.

Browse through and you will see a lot of feature request and suggestions have been added in very fast time.