grouping clicks and wave forms

grouping clicks and wave forms

Can I group clips , audio or midi events in Ntrack studio ? and is there any keyboard shortcut for spice ?

To group tracks, click on the Output Channel pane to the left of each track (in the little strip with the mini vu meters). “Send to group 1” will be one of the options. You can send as many tracks as you want to a group. As soon as you send one track to Group 1, a second group, Group 2 (duh), becomes available. I don;t think there’s any limit on the number of groups.

I haven’t seen a keyboard shortcut for splice anywhere.

Hallo thanks for help, but I want to group a clips that is bunch of events or clips on the different tracks that I want to group, I think it is not possible in N track.

I’m not sure that we understand your question. Do you mean that you wish to be able to control several tracks as if they were combined into a single track?

Or, do you mean that you want to be able to move clips from several tracks onto a single track and join them end to end?

Both can be done in N-track. Midi and audio clips cannot be merged onto a single track, but the midi clips can be rendered as audio clips and then joined with other audio clips.


Hallo Thanks for trying to resolve my query But we are totally thinking on the differnt level. Here I will try to explain you. If U ever used nuendo , cubase , adobe audition or pro tools. to compose a loop based complex songs. Software provides grouping of clips I am sure Ntrack developers definatly know what i mean to say. If on the time line I record 4 tracks ie piano. guitar, bass, drums. Phrase A is 1 to 4 bars , B is 5 to 8 bars. On the rular 5, I split ( or spice ) 4 tracks . I select the section ( phrase A )of 4 tracks from 1 to 4 grouped it. copy it and then paste it to rular 9.
So my time line will play phrase A, pharase B and again Phrase A. Is this possible in Ntrack.
Grouping tracks or sends or returns is totally diffenent thing I have no problem with that. In Adobe auditon or samplitude we can assign diffent colors to group wave forms or events.
But Ntrack studio is fanatstic in price what the quality is get delivered

this might be what you are trying to do -

hold down the shift key and while shift is held down with mouse select the clips you want to group - as long as shift is held down you can select as many clips as you want -

release shift key - then EDIT/copy - EDIT/paste - the copied clips will all be pasted one on top of another to a new track - it is easy to drag the clips to new tracks - clips will remain in their original position when pasted -

now using the shift key and mouse as above, highlight whatever clips you wish to move, release shift key put cursor over + sign on any track and as long as the clips remain highlighted they can be all moved anywhere across the timeline at once - but not up or down the timeline -

may be what you want may not be -

Dr J

Hallo Dr. Thanks I understand it now. U correctly understood my query