upgrading n-track

Okay, I will confess that when I tried the demo version of 6, it was only for an hour or so before I threw my hands up in exasperation and uninstalled it, because I couldn’t see how to find any of the functionality from my older version (things such as adjusting volume envelopes, etc.)

Well, a few minutes ago, I decided I would be fair and give it another shot, and really dig into the software, see if I could still get it to do all the things I can do in 2.3… of course, since it’s been over 30 days since I did my one hour trial, the trial version has expired, but I noticed a link to extend it by 15 days, so I clicked that. They sent me an authorization code, and I put it in, and it started running.

Well, I open one of my songs with it, and figure out how to get my tracks back into the timeline mode I’m used to… YAYYYYYY!!!

Next, I start digging around, trying to find an option to draw volume and pan envelopes, like in the version I have, and the software freezes.


Okay, restart it, and now it’s telling me that I have to put the authorization codes in, again. GRRRRRR!!!

This time, the window pops up an error message that the authorization codes I’d received not 15 minutes before were no longer valid, or there was an error in authorization…


You know, I want to give the new version a fighting chance. If I can get it to do what I do with my older version, I will be happy to pay for the upgrade, but if even the DEMO glitches out this badly, why on earth would I want to trade in a stable WORKING version that I love for one that is going to cause me to tear my hair out????


Here is what was posted on the page when I tried to extend the trial period…

Use the following registration codes to extend the Free Trial version:

819604486135R - 530945808405Z (requested on 2010-10-11 08:22:27)
These codes have been already activated on 2010-10-11 08:23:27.
You can purchase the program clicking here.
Or Request New Codes (1 more extensions allowed)

I upgraded to 5.1 a few years back,

by that time 5.1 was well tested and and stable.

The move was seamless, and since I don’t know how to do any of the stuff you are mentioning up there (vol envelopes, draw volume, etc etc) if the icons changed it was never noticed, sorry I am old school, I just cut paste fade out the old fashion way.

There are a few things that did get on my nerves with the 5.1 mainly new commands built into the keyboard every now and again I will bump it during a heated performance and it will cause the proggy to do some unwanted function…I just got in the habit of moving the keyboard away from me when playing…

Maybe baby steps will work…pay for the upgrade to 6 but download an older more stable version to try out… (5.0 or 1 is good) :)

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

Okay, I guess I’ll be permanently upgrading to 6.1, lol, I found everything that I needed. It still seems to be too much unneeded stuff on screen for me, but as long as I can still use my functions, I’m happy with it, lol!


let us know how it works out. :)

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

Okay, new wierd thing happening… I opened a song in my 2.3 version, so I could look for stuff in it and see if the new one had that, and it now mutes random tracks for a few seconds at a time… what on earth is THAT about???

Wow, what a pain! I suspect that the old version has been un-registered and that is the drop out. I think there are some problems trying to run two versions of the software on the same computer because the operating system try to load the wrong version of the program files.
I have never been a fan of the time trial thing, and I think it hurts Flavio in the long run. However, I understand his point, on many days he gets notice of more pirated copies than he does of new purchases. I think the difficulties you experienced are a real customer loser - glad you stuck it out. I don’t think you will be sorry. If something like this happens again, a note to the Ntrack Support usually gets a quick response.
Making the jump from such an early version to the new is bound to be a new learning experience. A lot, a whole lot, of things work differently than early on. I guess you know you can customize the tool bar to concentrate on the Icons you need the most. And there are sup-menu bars for some features such as auto-punch-ins. One thing to try on almost every area of the screen is the Right-Click of the mouse - you will find many short cuts that way and the tool-tip call outs help.
Hope this helps,

Go for it, Danny. Your hair will grow back.
Once you get used to the layout, you’ll love it.
And you know the guys here will help with any issues.

Okay, having to reinstall XP. I was right, the 6.1 trial screwed up my 2.3 full install, and no amount of uninstalling, registry tweaking and reinstalling would get it to work right, so I backed up stuff onto another drive, and wiped my install. As I write this, Windows is busy doing the updates from microsoft, then I will reinstall my 2.3. Once I have 65$ free (i.e. I’m not blowing off some bill to buy the new version) I will upgrade. Question: I thought I saw somewhere that existing users only pay $35 to upgrade, or is that only for the previous version?

Hi dannyraymilligan:

Something you might consider or keep in mind, when setting your configuration…

If you are not a FAN of having plugs in your Mixer Strips,by default, you might consider removing any-or-all plugs from the strips including the groups and Master strips…
They are in there as you update n-Track builds, by default…
This was something that Flavio installed by default back in
They take up resources, something you might need to configure, if you don’t require them…

There’s a better way to say that but don’t ask me… :)

Open the strip panel and click on the EQ icon, to the left of the EQ buttons on the strip…
This will open the spectrum screen and the plug screen…The click on the wrench of the plug-screen… A Pop-up Screen will appear…
You’ll be choosing to close all pre-installed plug-ins of all mixer strips…
The choice is, close all pre-installed plug-ins of all channels…
The you have no resources running unless you choose to have plug ins running-and-installed, of your choice… This option keeps your used resources at a minimum…

It’s something you might consider as you configure n-Track to operate in a stripped-down/streamlined mode…

There are other things that can be turned off in n-Track that are running within n-Track as-or-by-default when n-Track in installed…


Thanks Bill… when I do the full upgrade (I may wait until I’ve got my AMD 6-core and mobo installed {grunting like Tim Allen}) I will keep that in mind. Yes, I don’t want anything running on my studio unless I tell it to, lol!