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Loyal n user in trouble

I have n-Track 3.3 on a Toshiba laptop, Celeron 2.8GHz, 512MB RAM, Windows XP SP2, with M-Audio Audiophile USB using ASIO drivers. For the last couple of years I used n purely as an audio multitrack and never had any trouble apart from very occassional timing misalignment between tracks. Recently I got all ambitious and started using MIDI with sfz to play soundfonts. Now n-Track seems very unstable. Here’s what happens:

1) On opening a new MIDI track there is an error message saying that vstscan.exe can’t start because fittings.dll can’t be found. fittings.dll belongs to the Anwida free reverb and is sitting snugly in the vst folder along with everything else. After acknowledging the error, the new track can be opened and all plug-ins (including Anwida free reverb) work fine.

2) Trying to open n-Track Chorus inside n always causes a crash. n-Track Chorus works fine in other hosts.

3) n locks up regularly, so I have to ctrl-alt-del to shut down.

4) When using sfz, the live sound sometimes disappears and can only be got back by shutting down n and restarting.

I have tried re-installing n. I have the latest M-Audio drivers. I have used defrag and optimising tools on my RAM and hard disk. My music files are on a separate partition. There is no indication that anything is wrong with the laptop. I always shut down the network, anti-virus, anti spam and other unnecessary processes before working with n. I disconnect all other USB items when the Audiophile USB is plugged in.

I’m not able to use n to make music. Please help!

Apart from that life is great. We have a lot of fresh snow here in Switzerland and the skiing is excellent.

Thanks, cheers

hey Tuster. Welcome to N.

You don’t mention which build you’re running. The last 3.3 build was 1516 which was extremely stable for me. And yes, i used Sfz and soundfonts.

Since you’ve done the uninstall/reinstall, the only thing i can think of is that you may be using an earlier build???


Just a hunch, but are you running any wav. files with the midi?
Somethin’ bout runnin’ VSt effects along with midi? don’t remember the exact solution.

I have read,(here in forum) of problems mixing down wav. files and more than one midi file. I think Flavio squashed that bug though.
Probably worth checkin’ out to see if you have the latest build, as teej suggested.
I’m not real knowledgeable when it comes to midi, so I digress.
But hang in there, and give us more clues, someone might have encountered something simular.

It’s funny cause your computer is exibiting simular charateristics as one of mine that I had fruity loops on. Fruity and N just kept freezin’ stuff up, when run together.
Try removing the Vst plug on a temp basis and see if it helps.


Thanks chaps. My 3.3 is build 1516. And yes, I have .wav tracks and MIDI tracks together in the same project.

I am really keen to use Soundfonts such as Learjeff’s excellent Rhodes and the classic NS-Kit along with my guitar etc. but n doesn’t seem happy about it. I’ll try removing all the plug-ins and putting them back one by one.

Hopefully there’s a solution out there…


hmmm… I remember Jeff posted his Rhodes SF awhile back. I didn’t grab it at the time cause i generally don’t use keys in my music. But if someone knows the link (Jeff? You around?), i’d like to grab it now.


Hmmmm? Midi? I’m a guitar player so whats the fuss over midi anyway? Is it supposed to save disk space? Why not do keyboards like everyting else? Hook a mic to it or a direct line to the keys and create a big fat wav file that you can sink your teeth into!
So, durmmers are sluts, bass players are lazy and keyboard players are madd scientists? :angry: What is this world coming to? :D

You know I’m only teasing about the sluts and M/scientists but why not get rid of midi all together? V4.0.4 would have been done and complete months ago with out all the midi issues :p :D
Think wav, wav, wav!

Sounds to me like a Windows problem.
You might install the latest direct x librays from MS, do a google to find them.
What OS are you using?
Avoid installing games and other questionable software. keep it clean.
Good luck.

Good news - problem seems to be solved.

Bad news - I had to spend money!

A little Googling revealed that the Audiophile USB is known to have problems with some USB connections. Apparently it needs 100% of USB capability and any tiny limitation is enough to make it unreliable. It was OK for me as long as I was only doing audio but the problems started as soon as I began using the midi funtions in parallel.

People reported similar Audiophile USB difficulties with Cubase and other DAW software so the solution was to get rid of the Audiophile USB. A local store was selling an ex-demo Tascam US-122 for an attractive price so I have now installed it and everything seems to be stable. The US-122 looks to be a better unit all round. I gained some decent mic pre-amps with phantom power, so I don’t have to use my Berry mixer mic inputs, and Gigastudio. I lost 96kHz sample rate which I never used anyway.

The drivers for the Audiophile USB have not changed for at least a year. Isn’t it annoying that a supposedly decent company can allow problems to exist for so long?

Anyone want a nice, clean, cheap Audiophile USB?

Thanks for trying to help.

All the best

Quote (teej813 @ Mar. 16 2005,03:35)
hmmm... I remember Jeff posted his Rhodes SF awhile back. I didn't grab it at the time cause i generally don't use keys in my music. But if someone knows the link (Jeff? You around?), i'd like to grab it now.


Hey teej,

Jeff's soundfont stuff is at his site here. Have fun! :D


Cool. Thanks Tony!


Quote (TusterBuster @ Mar. 16 2005,11:36)
Anyone want a nice, clean, cheap Audiophile USB?

Thanks for trying to help.

All the best

As a matter of fact I would.
I had a 2496 Audiophile a couple of years ago, never could get it to work.
I happen to know alot more now than I did then about computers, and don't get frustrated as quickly.
I'm only gonna use it for live recording of real instruments.
If I want to run a keyboard on midi, I'll just get a cheezy midi soundcard for 15 bucks somewhere.
I'd like to start the bidding at $50.00 US dollars+shipping.


I’ll check the shipping costs from Switzerland to US and get back to you. Thanks for your interest. The sound quality of this unit is good, I’m sure it would work well for your intended application.

Jeremy - Parcel post to USA would cost

Normal (1 to 2 weeks) CHF 44
Priority (1 week or less) CHF 55
Insurance included.

I have a USD account here so we could agree a USD price, I would ship the unit and you would transfer the money at the same time. I think I can trust a regular forum contributor.


There is no trouble using multiple Wave and MIDI tracks. I’ve done this with many, many versions of n-Track from 3.0.1 through whatever the last V3 was (just started using V4, no MIDI yet). There may have been a bug in some short-lived version in there somewhere, but not in any of the dozen or so I loaded.

Tom, go crawl back under your rock. Guitarists, sheesh. :p

haha… uh, Jeff? isn’t that a guitar in your avator? or are you just happy to be here?


Tom, I used to think the same as you…“MIDI? Shmidi! Who needs it!”. Ah but one day I started fooling around with it. The possibilties for a non-keyboard playing hack like myself are COOL! I can hack in a KB part and fix my clams in the piano roll then play it back through half a billion different sounds to find what I want. COOL!

MIDI is your friend…repeat…MIDI is your friend…where’s wynots avatar when you need it? :D


Er … oops! :O

I guess people who live in glass houses shouldn’t call the kettle black!