Guerrilla Home Recording

Good recording reference at alow price

I just bought a copy of Karl Coryat’s "Guerrilla Home Recording: How To Get A Great Sound From Any Studio (No Matter How Weird or Cheap Your Gear Is)"

Karl Coryat is a consulting editor for Bass Player magazine. He wrote many of their articles dealing with recording - especially home recording and bass recording. The book is a “nuts and bolts” approach to home recording without all the professional techno-babble that I personally do without. Coryat targets recording systems that many of us have at home: PC-based with a couple microphones, a midi keyboard, and whatever additional instruments we play. The book was published in 2005, so it reflects today’s computer-based systems. I have three recording books from the 1990’s that are good references for most aspects, but they are all very thin on digital recording information.

For many of you seasoned recording veterans, the book might not shed much new inspiration for you, but anyone that’s just getting started with their N-Track system and fairly new at recording, it’s a great value for under $20 at Amazon. So if you are ever asked for a recommendation about a good recording reference that doesn’t cost more than a decent mic cable, mention Karl Coryat’s “Guerrilla Home Recording.” (IMO)

Thanks !


Are there any good online "treatise’s"
of this subject ?

I mean maybe someting a little bit traditonal style (for us old people > 50).
More acoustic oriented. From acoustic guitar to solo violin. :D

Not just that style:

"24 is just better than 16"
-the more fancy plugs the better-
-how to record a drumset with 25 mics- (who cares anyway) :p

/Goran Sweden

The DPA website used to have very useful stuff on mic techniques as part of their online “microphone university.”

Also, the folks over at forum are busy putting together a recording wiki that is off to a great start. I’m looking for the link right now… :) has great tutorials and advice