Guess what I just did?!

Best acoustic set ever!

I just played a 45 minute acoustic set to a small room of about 30 people.

It was the thank you party for the Piers Simon Appeal concert I played at the other month…

… one of those 30 people was Michael Eavis…!!! He was sitting next to Rob and laughed and applauded at all the right places… I’m in utter, utter shock. I’m buzzing. Absolutely buzzing!

He hugged me and I gave him my album… and he actually asked if my email address was on it :)

I felt really quite awkward being so forward (I literally said to him before I started “I’m hoping you’re going to invite me to play at your festival”) but I guess you’ve just got to be forward sometimes if you want something badly enough.

So for those of you who don’t know who Michael Eavis is he runs a little festival called ‘Glastonbury’.

Here’s a pic of that festival:

… I know it’s quite possible that nothing will come of it. But this is a man who can make and break careers. There’s an acoustic tent at Glasto which I could play in, so it’s not like I’d be totally out of place either.

I can go to bed tonight knowing that I was presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, put 110% effort in, nailed EVERY song, and if that’s not good enough… well… there will be another opportunity around the corner…!


Nice one Ange.
You done any festi’s before?
We ‘The Moon’ played Glasto on the Casbah stage twenty odd years ago. The wettest year in a decade. The rain and mud wrecked everything, including the tribes spirits.
It was a complete fiasco, managing three tunes in fear of electricution. It was also one of the best laughs ever.
Enjoy. Go girrrrrrl.

Hi ange:

You appear to be keeping company with the right people…

Things have a habit of of turning out for the right-and-best reasons in spite of your behaviour toward them…
I don’t know if I said that right…
you know what I mean… Being at the right places at the right times AND things falling into place go Hand-in-Hand…

One day you may be organizing a North American Tour and wondering if a date in Halifax might fit into the schedule…

The Market Area/Place has a huge Bering on on where-and-when you play and how often you preform/play in that venue…

what do I know…

GooD for You and Rob…



:) :agree:

Too cool,

Like Tony I have not had the best experience at festivals, the last one was(one of a hundred acts at Cornerstone) and I had to pay to get into my own gig). :disagree:

Mud, muck, overpriced admission for something I usually get paid to do.

But things will be different for you I am sure of it, you just have better karma around you! :)

Best wishes!

keep shinin

jerm :cool: