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Friend wants to make a demo

Hi Guys,

Last week a friend of mine turned up at my place with some backing tracks and said she wanted to make a demo cd. She has never worked as a singer and is Filipino so English is her second language. I’ve posted two tracks here. Angel is fairly basic with just a little reverb, but on May It Be, I wanted to try and make her voice sound a little “Ethereal” and maybe I went over the top.
As I’m not a great mixer I would appreciate your ears and advice.
Cheers… Ian

May it Be


Lisa has a lovely voice and I don’t think you went overboard with the effects, you obviously took heed of the old advice "less is more"
Couldn’t detect any trace of an accent either, another good selling point (not so good if she wants to do stuff by the Cheeky Girls! )
Does she do any rock songs? (you know what those Philipinas are like for mushy sentimental stuff!)