Guitar Amp Simulator?

Can remember the name

Hey –

I’ve been looking for 5 days now and can’t find the thread, but someone listed a vst for guitar amp simulation and apparently, I’ve lost it. It’s not guitarsuite, I know that. It’s the one with a fairly graphical interface where you move the mike around on the amp grill and is freeware. Seems like the GUI was a picture of a Marshall amp or somesuch. Let me know if that’s not enough by way of description.

If I remember correctly, the conversation was part of a rabbit trail, which is why the search is turning up nil.

Anyone remember the name of it?


Here it is…

Free Amp

That’s the ticket. Thanks VERY much.

No Problem, Glad to help!
Have you tried this one…

Voxengo Boogex

It is free as well, and maybe a little less cpu hog. I have good luck using it on my bass players direct tracks.

No, I haven’t but rest assured that I will!!! I’ve been EQ’ing my bass (direct) to get any punch, and now maybe hope!!!

Thanks much


One must have is:


And a thread listing amp sims:

Amp Sim List