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Are there any good freeware guitar or drum effect plug ins which you can use with N Track - How do you guys record your guitar and FX?

Do you use pedals? Im using a Korg AX1500G and a Zoom GFX-5 so Im hoping these will work well for recording - they seem to be - theyre both ace live so yeah Im digging it…

I think I might have to buy this program soon seems good…

Just question… am I working with the right program - I hope so it seems cool just wondering if there are any other programs out there that not too expensive which can help people for recording / writing music - or any other plug ins!

Many thanks


Check out:

I love this program. You may want new samples, I did, but the interface is great (IMHO)

I record my guitar through a SM57 into a M-Audio interface and directly in to N. I personally don’t use effects other than gain (heavy metal).

Regarding N being the right program. I actually bought Cakewalk for a couple hundred dollars, and took it back. For my purposes, I thought it would be better than N, but I was wrong. I only use N for about 50% of it’s capability, and I’m very happy so far. (even though I do have a lot to learn)

How hard is this to create drum samples - I know how I want drums to work in my head - im a guitar and bass player of 7 years but I never actually done drums before so will this be hard to do. The interface looks kind of daunting and scary :O

The interface will take a bit of getting used to, however it’s not that bad.

As for the samples, you can find free samples on line (hopefully one of the Fruity Loops users on this forum can help you there). But what I did, was used N to record the samples from my Boss drum machine, and then saved them as short *.wav’s in the leafDrums sound folder. So if/when you download leaf, have look through the file folders that get installed and you will find where to put the samples.

I use a Korg AX1500G which I run both left/right directly into the front mounted left/right rca inputs of my Audigy2 soundcard. As far as fx, the Korg generates whatever I need… usually a little stereo chorus and a touch of Hall reverb/delay. I run the Korg around 50-60% volume and use the Classic Limiter on the main mixer panel within N-Track while recording. Seems to work okay.

I used to try and program drums in midi, but now I just use Jamstix ( - not free but pretty good vlue at $99.

Makes putting drums tracks together a lot quicker and easier and the drums sound a lot more real than programmed drums.

And yeah I second Willy’s guitarsuite suggestion that is one of the best free amp sims I’ve used.
Also the little green machine amp sim is good and free too.


Hi Guys,

Thanks for all of the replies… was really nice to hear from you… so yeah.


Where can i find the little green amp machine program which you guys are referring to where would that be located.

Secondly to the guy who was the Korg AX1500 has anyone here recorded with a Zoom GFX-5 and Zoom GFX-8…

Just wondering what you thought of them… Do you know if there are any sites out there that have support for patches and stuff for them to help … I been searching on google and yahoo and finding very little…


Just a p[lace where people can trade patches they ahve created etc… Im getting cool sounds out of the Korg… love it… the Zoom is cool but a bit different / getting used to.

Just wondering what you guys thouht of these products

Thanks for help guys

Ur 2 cool


I play guitar into a Line 6 Flextone 3, with a Audio Technica mic close to the cone and a tbone retro jr about a foot back from that. Only effects I usually use while recording is distortion as most effects can be added later (i dont like distortion plug ins!).

For drums I bought myself a Roland SPD8 and use its midi functions to make my beats, and then edit them in… of course you have to be able to play it a bit but if you can keep a steady beat then you’re half way there.

Quote (rickpress @ July 10 2005,13:40)
Secondly to the guy who was the Korg AX1500 has anyone here recorded with a Zoom GFX-5 and Zoom GFX-8...

Oh, and I personally would sell the Zoom pedals as they always sound very cheap and thin to me.

Looks like you have to pay for Green ampnow…
I have an older version of the little green amp that was free (version 1.07)
It’s dated August 2003 so pretty old… But still sounds good.
It has a separate dll for the Brit and US amps

It’s about 1.3M if anyone wants me to email it just message me


Don’t forget to try Free Amp SE. It was recommended by jeromee in another thread. Tried it a couple of weeks ago for the first time and had a blast! :cool:


That freeamp plug won’t work for me on a 24/96 track. Might work on 24/44.

Just tried it then, and yes it does. Has quite a bit of potential, heavy on the cpu though.

Excellent point Willy…I never thought to try using it with different sampling rates (only tried 24/44.1).