Guitar geeks - how cool is this ?

Huh ?

EDIT: Don’t know about you but my ears close up like clams whenever I’m done recording something on my trusty old 2x12 50 watt Marshall combo :(

looks sort of like Univalves.

There are a couple of folks making little amps like this. Really would like one. :)

I want one O’ deez…

I have a Bel Aire which ROCKS… but even with two tubes pulled running at 1/2 power (25 Watts) it’ll take your freakin’ head off with the volume above 3.


There are a lot of cool tools for guitars these days, look at this:

or this:

I think this is the coolest:

This company make a 1/4 watt amp which looks very cool as well as a little tiny leslie cabinet.

I’m very tempted


Quote (teryeah @ Jan. 27 2006,13:42)

By all accounts I've heard... the ZVex is a pocket monster. I have a pocket monster meself but... er... you guys don't wanna see it! :D


Hahaha :laugh:
Did you check out the demo vid in that link ? And speaking of demo vids, let’s see one of your pocket monster too. Might learn something… cough :D