Guitar high notes

They’re ear piercing, LOL!!

Hey, i’m having trouble w/ some of my high notes on guitar solos cutting through a little too much. They can be a little ear piercing sometimes. How are you guys taming this? Comp, limiter or volume envelopes? Do i just need to squash it to the max or what? I’m using a korg D 1200 for my guitar tracks. Can i put any of the KVR downloads on a disc & put it in my recording computer? If so can somebody please tell me how to do it? Thanx!!!

EQ the guitar track.

sweep a notch up and down the frequency range till you find the offending area


ok, thanx rich! now, do i do that on the Parametric eq? isn’t that right?

Yep. The built in EQ should handle it fine.

The other stuff to look into is compression or limiting, and de-essing, and multi-band compression.

That said, maybe all that needs to be done is to duck the volume of the guitar track a little only during those notes.

thanx for the info guys, i’m gonna try some of this stuff.