Guitar iso box

quick and easy way?

I need to make a guitar amplifier iso box today, and it needs to be cheap, quick, easy, and really effective. :)



hey tommy,i have found all kindsa stomp box diagrams an old effects schematics on the net,bet they’d have a DI box there too somewhere,i never take notes,so icant stear ya to an addy,but i know’s they there man,go pack!!!

an old fridge or the backseat of a car will work pretty well. Packed w/ plenty towels/blankets, of course. Perhaps even one of those half size fridges like you buy when you go to college with a small amp cranked (if it was, say, a 15 watt marshall or something the like). That might be dangerous due to close proximity slapback, but I think you could compensate for it, and you can usually get them for about $150USD.


Youse guys…

Actually, saving edmund, that old fridge idea…darn it all, I just had to get a new fridge and they took the old one away…

Well, I bought some cheap plywood, and a few pieces of scrap 2 x 2, and some carpet padding, and slapped one together. Stuck a mic mount in there with a clip for an sm 57.

takes care of a lot of the volume, but the low end, of course, goes through the plywood like neutrinos through the planet.

Anyway, it will do the trick.