Guitar Plugins

Need sum goodies!!

Hi again, ok, i see that Amplitube requires ASIO drivers & i’m using WDM for my card so, can you guys turn me on to some good guitar plugs? I’ve been using my Korg D1200 multitracker for my guitar Fx but, i would like to get rid of that & get a good plugin or software for my guitar. I know NI Guitar Rig is hot & PODxt, is there anything out there that will cut heads w/ those programs? Oh, btw, for the bass players out there, does anybody know how bands like Silvertide & Nickelback are gettin that bass sound they get, w/o blowing out their woofers? :p Detuning? I have a 4string Warwick Rock Bass so if anybody can help me get close to that sound i’d be very thankful! i really like this forum & this program! I hope N-Track studio keeps on kickin the dawg!!! :laugh: :O I bought Pro tools m-powered about 2 months ago…it’s goin on E-Bay, WOOOOOOO!!! :laugh: I didn’t even get past the manual to install it, too much fo my itty bitty brain.

These are my favorites, in no particular order.

Free Amp_SE
AnalogueGuitar Suite

Theres forum thread at KVR just on available guitar plugins, but blowed if I could find it. I think someone posted it here not long ago (I went through the list and downloaded all the freeware ones).


Here is a useful link (on the cakewalk forums):

I currently use a PODxt for recording but I still like to try new ampsims when they come out. A few new freeware ones have been released lately, actually. Check out this link:
and this one:


Ok, thanx guys!! i’m gonna check some of these out!!