Guitar Rig ... opinions.

Hey all, I’m new to the forums and thought I’d ask for your opinions.

After playing with the demo, I am conidering picking up Native Insturments Guitar Rig 2.

Have any of you used this? If so, is it worth the dollars?


I’ve heard some stuff a friend has done with it and it sounds really good. He was getting a heavy distorted metal sound.

As for meing worth the dollars??? I guess it depends on how well it matches the sound/s you want, what other alternatives you have to get that sound and what else you could do with the $$$…

I’m interested to hear what folks say. So far, from what I’ve seen written on forums, it’s the best of the emulators, hardware or software, and pretty darn good. But still not the same as the real thing, at least comparing to a blues tube amp, for live work. But I haven’t had a chance to play with it myself, nor will I ever be likely to fork over the bucks. Unless I find a lottery ticket and it wins …

Hello Folks,

I am using Guitar Rig 2 and it sounds really fantastic (I am mostly using chrunch and Hardrock style sounds with a Strat and a Les Paul copy).

You need a fast computer and a good audio card (which comes with Guitar Rig2) for low latency. I’m using it mostly as vst plugin (not checked with ntrack so far) or standalone for practizing purpose.

I don’t need the floorboard, so I decided to buy Guitar Rig 1 for 200 Euros with an update option to Version 2 with no extra costs. I don’t know, if it is possible to do so today.
These 200 Euros the software is really worth I think, great sounds (don’t use the presets, make your own sounds) and very flexible, no problems so far.

If you need the floorboard, which comes with an usb2 audiocard, I think the 450 Euros or so is OK. If you don’t need the board, I think it is a little bit expensive.

So Long …

UPDATE: I am using Guitar Rig only for recording demos or for composing at home. I have tried to use it live (in aor rehearsal room). It sounds really great too (over a PA), but I miss some kind of feeling, so I decided to play live with a real tube amp (fender blues deville). But for recording, I think, there is nothing as good as Guitar Rig 2. Use it as plugin and recore your guitar clean (or with Guitar Rig as LIVE effect), so you can change all the parameters like gain or the whole amp simulation in the mix! Thats great.

Is it possible to use these things as a real time effect? It seems like even with low latency, the delay would still be just enough to drive anyone with a decent sense for timing straight up the wall…

In my experience it’s certainly possible, but the latency figure is critical.
For my case anything under 10ms will go as good as unnoticed, 15ms is delayed, but tolerable, while 20ms drives me up that wall indeed.
(These figures are real measured latency btw, which can differ considerably from the latency you could compute from your buffering settings (especially with a usb device).)

But… what if you’re one of those metal-shredder-speed-demon type lead players? ???

Ouch yes. I that case your 32nd triplets @ 180bpm might be off by a fraction!

I was only speaking from my laid-back slow ballad sort of perspective. :;):

I guess if one has difficulty playing “behind the beat”, this would certainly help to address the problem, yes?

/I’ve never used one, just ignore me.

I agree with hansje’s numbers.

A good rule of thumb to remember is 1 msec of latency is roughly the same as pushing your monitor speaker 1 foot further away. So, if you can play with monitors 20’ away, then you shouldn’t have any trouble playing with 20 msec of latency.

Also, you don’t need a good soundcard to get low latency, just use Wuschell’s Asio4All (just google asio4all to find it). Way cool, works with most built-in soundcards. Of course, you’d want a decent soundcard for it to sound as good as it can.

When I’ve used amp sim plugins I find 11ms latency is noticeable
5ms is not.

I usually have my soundcard latency set to 11ms as that is fine for normal tracking (not in LIVE mode) and mixing (and lets me get more tracks in before it starts popping and clicking), but if using a real time amp plugin will change it down to 5ms just to record the track.


Note that, as someone mentioned above, the soundcard latency is only one source of latency.

Another source is the modeling software itself. There is also input latency, how do you have that set? If it’s 11 msec both ways, that’s 22 msec plus other latencies, which is understandably noticeable.

Rich, you should consider measuring the total latency. Using a mixer, on one channel record both the dry signal and the output from the sim (and make sure that channel isn’t fed into the sim!) Plucking a few times and inspecting the resulting wave track later, you can measure total latency with high accuracy.

Thanks for the input!

After a few more days of playing with the Guitar Rig demo, I have to say that for a full bown setup, I’m not sure if I want to pony up the dough for the full verion with the included stomp box/sound card just yet. I don’t think it would be very useful as a stand alone effects rack (and I would have to lug my PC set up around with me everywhere to use it).

Using Guitar Rig as a VST plug in with n-Track, on the other hand, is a dream come true. I have limited space to record so setting mic’ing amps is frustrating. As well, plugging straight into my soundcard through a few effect pedals is hopeless for getting good sound.

As a plug in I can record the guitar clean, add GR to the track and mess around with set-ups to my hearts content… and the sound is pretty #### impressive.

Pretty slick piece of software.

But for over $600 cdn, I’ll more than likely wait a bit before buying it.

Meanwhile, look for a Line 6 POD or Johnson J-Station on ebay and use a little hardware unit. IMHO, the POD sounds better. I have a Genesis3, similar item but I think the other two sound better. But I like the Genesis3’s “warp” knob that allows me to smoothly go from clean to distorted or find the sweet spot between without a change in volume (or with any volume change I want) – since I use it live too, as a keyboard player doubling on guitar. Much easier than lugging a guitar amp along with my keyboard rig and small PA.

If you act fast, here’s one going in 3 hours, currently only $82:


Note: ebay isn’t accepting referred links anymore, so right-click and copy link, and then paste it into your browser’s address bar.

Get the POD. I’ve had one for a few years now and still love it!