Guitarist to record solo?

Anyone interested?

I’ve got a song that is 99% complete, but needs a brief guitar solo at the end. Total time of the solo is probably 10 seconds.

Style of music is alt pop, so looking for something distorted and melodic, but definitely not metal.

Anyone interested? If so, I can post the MP3 somewhere so you can play along with it.


Post the track so we can have a listen :)

Sorry - my ego won’t fit in 10 seconds… :slight_smile:

Seriously, post it and we’ll have a listen.

Here we go…

song link

Oddly enough, my ego will fit in 3 or 4 seconds.

edit: hey, that’s a nice recording. :)

I agree with Tom, that’s a nice recording.


Thanks for the comments! Yes, I’m very happy with the recording. A lot of “love” and TLC went into the recording and mixing.

Unfortunately, the only thing holding up calling this done is the ending guitar solo. Any guitar pros care to have at it?

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I disagree - stick a fork in it - that bird is done.

Oh ya…superb recording.

I agree with Bill (sometimes)…the song is finished…and quite good too!


What does STP stand for? Stone Temple Pilots? Good though.

If you are still looking for a guitar solo, I can give it a try. Let me know.

Wily - STP is neither Stone Temple Pilots nor the motor oil. Check the song’s lyrics for a clue… :cool:

Jimmy - thanks for the offer! What can I get to you to give it a shot? Can you work from the MP3, or would you like a WAV sent?

Oh yeah… Nicely developed song, and well recorded. But I agree with you DarkFriend. I think there is some sonic space for a lead part, and if it is tastefully done it can add to the feel of the song.

I’m working on a song with Teryeah (one of the Ntrackers who responded to your thread) and some of the stuff that he is adding really picks the song up and carries it. Dang, he is subtle and smooth. There are some talented folks hanging out on this forum. I 'm curious what Jimmy will bring to the table. Good luck guys.


I cqn do it with the mp3. I ll send you the guitar track in wav if you like it so you can add it in your project. Let me know from where to where you want the solo and I ll send you a few tracks.

Jimmy - thanks again! The solo would start at 4:24 and go through the end of the song, or where ever comfortable ending is. If possible 24bit WAV is best for output. However 16bit works too. Thanks!

Ok, my computer won’t handle more than 16, sorry…
I will work on it during the week-end, give you some ideas, and if you like one, I’ll “polish” it over the next week. Give me your email. You can find mine at

I have some tracks ready for you. Let me know where to send them :slight_smile:

Jimmy - excellent! What is the file size? If too large, I can probably find an FTP site. Many thanks.