Freakin’ kids


Fess up, who can’t hear it?

mp3 here: http://graphics.nytimes.com/package…ONE.mp3

I’m shocked as HECK…I can hear it plain as day on these Creative cheap speakers at work. I didn’t even have to turn the volume up, and there’s computers and air running. There’s no way I should be able to hear it, and I know for a fact that I can’t hear those high tones usually. Maybe my ears aren’t as fried as I think, or the damage wasn’t a permanent as it could have been.

FYI: It’s a 15k sine wave as analyzed by Audition.

Is someone gonna answer that?


I can hear it on my poopy laptop speakers no sweat.

If you had taught first grade for a few years, your hearing would be shot too. :)

Quote (TomS @ June 13 2006,05:13)
If you had taught first grade for a few years, your hearing would be shot too. :)

So you worked at the White House?


KingFish, the only question is, is our children learning? :)

That’s strange.

I could hear nothing, which is not surprising as I don’t have much left above about 12k-13k.

But when I move my head, I can hear it clearly, as long as my head is moving.

Is that some sort of beat/comb filter/something effect? Or is it some sort of MP3 artifact? ???

I’m sure someone here can explain that to me.

Edit; And I can hear it on headphones easily, but the sound I hear appears to be much lower than 15K. Don’t know if that is some sort of sub harmonic distortion in the headphones or what?

Another Edit; So that’s another reason to use Har-Bal, my ears are shot but my eyes are still going strong. :D

A very detailed spectrum analysis using Blackman-Harris shows that as well as the large 15kHz peak there’s also low level components at 3kHz and a double hump around 9kHz, plus even lower levels at 12 kHz and 13.5kHz and higher, and as I had the level cranked up, it’s probably the 3k and 9k I can hear.

Edit; yes, I checked that by summing test tones and comparing, and it’s a distorted 3k (ish) I hear.

I’m hearing something close to a B natural? Is that right?

Near F# for me DrGuitar, but I’m tone deaf. :D

You’re safe Doc. It’s those unnatural B’s you gotta watch! :D

I didn’t even try to hear it. I’ve worked too long in noisy industrial environments and have some high frequency loss. Specially in the right ear. Yeah, I always wear earplugs but where I work is beyond LOUD… Some areas require ear muffs OVER earplugs. It gets on your frickin’ nerves quick!


Quote (DrGuitar @ June 13 2006,18:22)
I’m hearing something close to a B natural? Is that right?

Close enough! 15000 Hz is actually closer to Bb than B, but so what :)

Bb9 - 14917.24 Hz
B9 - 15804.28 Hz

BTW, I can only hear it when it’s turned up louder than my tinnitus. :p


OK, I’m impressed. Not only can yous guys hear 15kHz, but you can tell the pitch too! :)

I filtered out the 3k and 9k, turned my amplifier flat out through my Sennheisers, and absolutely nothing but noise.

So what do you do with that high hearing range, use it to hunt moths or something? ???


Well… All I can say is I must have lived a true Rock n’ Roll life, cos I can’t hear a thing :)