(Leonard Cohen cover)

I heard this today after… not hearing it for while, and so I decided to record it. I thought it was a good recording and I know I still have people on this forum who enjoy my music, so I thought I’d post it.

I hope you guys enjoy :)



Nice. What a great song. You do it well.

Nice cover Brian,

Reminds me more of the Jeff Buckley version. Not the easiest song to do well and you did a pretty good job on this. Nice expression in the voice which is vital for this song.
I recorded a cover of the Rufus Wainwright version a few years ago at one of the lowest points of my life, so this song means a lot to me.
You did a great job here,

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Thanks Tom :) You rock! Nice to see you as well…

I’m glad I could share this with you both then. Bruffie, can attest to writing and recording at low points in life… I love the connection that people can have between themselves and music, and sometimes you can capture ALL your emotion into words and music, and play it back a million times to express what your heart is trying to get out, (I duno, for me at least…)

Since, most of my friends in real life have… never been through anything emotionally, I have a hard time relating to them when it comes to those “really low times in life.” I know this sounds like a big lead up for a plug, but I swear it’s not :) I have however written a lot of music, much of it about very, very low times I’ve had over the past year. If you want, feel free to go look at it… I think it’s really good:


I would suggest Just Like Yesterday, Why Does It Mean Nothing, and A Long Long Time Ago… those will show you some depth of depravity right there…

oh - and, post the Rufus Wainwright version you did?

I know exactly what you mean Brian.

Well I won’t post the one I did. I recorded it at 2.30am, with the studio door open, after a few drinks, and if you listen carefully, you can hear my pet canary in the background:) It’s on my website though if you want to listen to it.


Very nice Brian, you capture the emotion.
Like Bruffie said, it’s very much like the Jeff Buckley version, the best in my opinion.

I also did a version of it a couple of years ago. There was a discussion on the board at that time. A newbie asked the question about what was required (hardware etc.) in order to make decent music so I recorded that song with a five dollar microphone and a soundblaster live, just to prove a point!

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