I did a cover :slight_smile:

A last moment thought on my last day ‘at the office’ (beehive studio’s) I managed to get Olly to give me a small Christmas present in the form of 2 mics, 1 engineer, 3 mins and 1 take of Robbie’s favourite cover that I do so that I could put a little something under the Christmas tree for him! I think it turned out OK :)



it sound was very nice song for you to do ange. did this is being done in the n-track? do you have the mixer?


Anyone see the “Battle of the Blades” where Claude Lemieux actually sang this and skated to it?

It’s a beautiful song.
Did you change some of the lyrics, or do I just not know the correct ones?

hehe…It was a live take and we had no words and no time for second takes so I improvised!

HAH! Mary caught it! Mary caught it!!!

well…Robbie liked my words better so there :p

Weeeellllll…OK…[tempermental artists!]

hehe, well done Mary :;): I was wondering when someone was gonna notice!

Hehe :laugh:


Hi ange:
Thank Olly for me/us when you see him again… GrEaT…



I always wondered how that would sound with a woman singing it. :agree:

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

Back Again:

I’ve forgotten just how good 2" tape tracks really are…
That file reproduced from whatever extension Soundclick files are to wav files and played on the n-Track timeline is soooo…
Over here…
Thank you ange for giving us a tease of what your hard work in that studio is gonna sound like…
Thank you Olly…
and ange…



The noise floor is non-existent and the dynamic range/energy is superb…

Your vocals are perfect, Ange. :agree: I’d say I like the uncluttered overall sound but I don’t want Bubba to come after me! :laugh:

I dunno, Geoff, it’s worth risking the wrath of bubba to say so, this song needs absolutely nothing else.


Yep I got a peek at this tune a few days ago, the last few notes are so well done, really nicely done, Proud to say I owe her a review over on SoundClick, I can tell you it will be nothing but praise!

It’s gonna be one hell of a “debut” album!

:;): Thanks so much guys, I have got such a wonderful amount of feedback on this song and am so pleased, after being in a studio, picking sy performances apart and just taking snippits of loads of takes and glueing stuff together it makes you question your ability to perform live.

Thanks guys xx