Yesterday I downloaded build 1817. Today it’s back to 1811! I luckily hadn’t cleared out my cache on my music computer, so I went into my browser in offline mode and pulled up yesterdays page…and yes it said 1817!

What’s going on here? Also, if Favio is reading the forum…Please put a small note on what has changed in the new builds…it’s too draining on me to divinate the details each time as my psychic abilities are not always reliable.


The 1817 installation file I snagged yesterday is identical to the 1811 of today. Maybe it was just a typo? Or maybe a change of plans? Or maybe an experiment to see how many would jump on it? Or… :D

[EDIT: Ahhh… I see 4.05 Beta is up…Build 1825…that explains it!!!]
[EDIT2: removed excess edits :D ]


Look at the download now. It seems that Flavio has decided to put the new build for evaluation.

And take a look at the size of the file too!!!

no, you were not hallucinating. i saw the build number increase and go back down as well. must’ve thought twice about posting a build with alot of changes in it… then opted to call it a “beta” instead.

28MB! you gotta be kidding me! the installed application folder doesn’t even amount to that size. :O

i see some .NET sounding dll’s in there… scary!

ooOOOooohhh, i kinda do like the navigator window (think photoshop’s navigator window)… wonder how useful this will be in practice.

Quote (dimmer77 @ April 15 2005,10:43)
i see some .NET sounding dll's in there... scary!

Yep, looks like you need .NET Framework 1.1 to install/run now. Never needed it before...


i am a .NET developer, so all my machines have the framework… EXCEPT my recording machine, because i have experienced what a hog it can be.

i have not tried installing it on my recording machine yet… are you sure it REQUIRES the framework? why would that not be listed in the changelog…

explains the hideous file size… perhaps he’s sending along the framework with the download for those that don’t have it. :(

Hey, dimmer,

It wouldn’t let me install without .NET Framework 1.1 on this XP Pro machine on which every previous N-track version I’ve installed (up to build 1817) never required me to do so–that’s what I meant by “looks like you need .NET Framework 1.1”. I’m thinking it’s kinda like the 4.x installer requiring MS Installer 2 (or whatever it was)…there just comes a time when you gotta upgrade, I guess…

About .NET being included…hmmm…I guess this could be. I just downloaded the Framework separately, and its about 23 MB. The usual N-track installer is about 5MB. The 4.05 beta is about 28MB… Yeah, sounds reasonable, based on size alone. Hmmm…


Yep, just downloaded and installed and it does indeed download the .NET framework and install that first. Another point to note (on my machine at least) is that it appeared to have lost my old settings, including my registration (no big deal because I installed on another machine and I just re-entered my codes, but certainly one to watch for some). One final point, I hope there will be another (smaller) download for those who already have .NET installed in the future ?

yeah i’ve been messing around a bit… looks like it’s the navigator control that was written with the .NET stuff.

Thankx for all the responses guy. :)

Will this .net stuff slow down my little computer? I’ve got a little celeron 1.2 XP slowpoke.


:( downloaded this monster, set it for m-audio delta asio, pressed play ' goodbye' worked ok on mme and wdm though

will go back into it and see what new things Flavio has added

dr j

Eeek, we have run into our fare share of .NET and it is a bit of a pig. I have never run into a .NET app yet that performed well. C sure is lean and mean… But I dare not speculate until I have played with it. Perhaps I will eat my words.

Just Remember: This is Beta software: expect crashes! Not for the faint of heart! :O It’s meant for generating bug reports in order to make fixes and work toward a stable release. I have consistent crashing, too, which I’ll have to look into and report later. Build 1811 was working great, btw…


well it doesn’t look like we have much choice, unless making use of .NET was just a quick way to test a new feaure which will be re-coded and optimized later.

I tried the Beta.

Bomb city. Crash-o-matic. :( :( Press play… boom! Back to the desktop…


Same for me. Import a WAV file for a new track, press playback, BOOM (although I did get the “Send Error Report to Microsoft” windows before N-track closed). I was going to look at it more, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. It was on an XP Pro SP1 box with and Audigy (1) card. WDM or ASIO–same thing (in case Flavio’s watching :D).


New build. 1826. File size back to normal.

Quote (Mark A @ April 16 2005,12:26)
New build. 1826. File size back to normal.

And no crashing...... at least not yet.