Hand in Hand - new song

Let me know what you think about the mix and song. It’s my first stab at recording a live band and mixing it in Ntrack.
(sorry about the size, it’s a bit large for dialup)
Hand in Hand


Nice funky track.

The recording doesn’t sound live, sounds quite clean, not muddy.



I would be quite daunted at the prospect of recording a live band, so congratulations, I think you did a good job and so did the band!
My personal preference would be to bring the drums a bit further forward and the keys a bit further back. I’d like to hear some more cymbals too and a bit more overall ambience. It really doesn’t sound like a live recording at all to me.

Not my kind of music but those guys have chops.


Thanks for the comments. Actually, I should have stated that better. We recorded in our jam space and all played at the same time. Our jam space is about the smallest possible space you can fit a drumset and three amps in. Most instruments were direct into the board.

col200, this is the best track I’ve heard so far on this forum. Really well recorded, professional quality.

Direct recording prorbably helped get the clean sound…yet still warm sounding.

Great playing too…reminds me of Zappa…and Barbara Thompson. It’s on my mp3 player now :)

Thanks J.W.
I found it a great learning experience trying to take a direct recording and making it sound fat and beefy.
I’m flattered you have it on your playlist. We actually just finished mixing our complete demo. I will post it once I have them uploaded.

Great, I’d like to hear more stuff!


Hi col200, any news of new tracks? I’ve not been to this forum in a while, and I remember you saying that you’re working on a demo / CD. Would be interested to hear… :cool:


Fantastic! Inspiring! What was you studio setup? Hardware? Soundcard? Computer?


Like Steve, I’d like to hear more of the drums. I think you could get a bit more presence from them by boosting the EQ in the high range to give them some sizzle. Right now, it sounds like the cymbals are a bit lackluster. On the other hand, backing off the high end has given you this great punchy sound…

Someone said Zappa, but I’m thinking Larry Carlton :D

- Ben