Hi guys,

Does anyone know of any realistic handclap samples around either as .wav, .mp3, vst or soundfont?


No, because part of what makes handclaps work is that they vary from clap to clap. Try making your own - just record track after track, standing in a different location each time you do it, then mix it down to one mono or stereo track. Bet that would sound better - we just did that for a Christmas song - 20 takes of my wife and I clapping away… :)

I did this on one of the tracks on my CD – twenty or so tracks of me clapping a rhythm. Make sure you do a few “off time” tracks to make it sound more like a real group.
Fun stuff indeed!


Sounds like what I need is a selection of mixed down ensemble claps that I could then map to different keys on my MIDI keyboard (or make a soundfont). I could then take my MIDI clap track and randomly assign each clap to a different note (I’m suprised someone hasn’t already done this). A lot of work but probably worth it in the long run if I am likely to use handclaps more than 2 or 3 times.

Would anyone care to donate their mixed down handclap track to the cause?

I’m not sure what you’re going for here, but would it be easy enough just to do them live? Would probably sound much better than using samples…

Here’s the song I used the handclaps on. They come in on the very last chorus.

JPB - Window


Hey Jeff, that’s an idea! We could do a whole CD of handclaps in various venues, with groups of various sizes, all mapped as you suggest. I suspect that you wouldn’t want them to be quite random, since the variations from clap to clap in a live performance are not going to be random. :)

Edit: Jeff, here is a single handclap FWIW: