Happy Bday Beefy

haven’t seen ya in a while

Miss your intelligent ramblings! :p

jerm :D

Yeah Steve, where did you go ?
Oh, and happy birthday old man :)

Well I know where you were a month ago Steve! Living it up in Dubai with me. Remember the girls in the Hot Vibes Band? Put thier pic on my Homepage in case you need reminding :) Think your expertise and sense were valued here in the forums. Come back so that i don’t have to keep calling you international and saying " Er!! How exactly do I do that again"
Happy birthday you old git!

Bruffie’s Homepage


Thanks for the birthday wishes guys. I’m sorry I havent been around for a while, it’s not that I have fallen out with anyone, I’ve just been very busy with a (non music) project.
As of today though, I’m back in circulation, yay! may the fireworks light up the sky and heavenly choirs sing hallelujah!

Thanks for reminding me about the HotVibes girls, they made a happy man very old…