Happy Birthday !

Tim !

Happy birthday to one of the most down-to-earth, humble, sincerest, funniest and all-round-swell-guy’est nutcases I’ve come to know, respect and like on any forum !

I hope you have an awesome day !

I pray that God will bless you and your family for lots and lots of (usefull, productive and fun) years to come.

Take care Tim.


Yeah, what Wihan said.

Happy Birthday Tim,

Have a great day! Wish I was only 42 again :)



Forty Two! cor luvva duck, there ought to be a law!
Happy Birthday! enjoy your youth :p


Happy Birtrhday!

Happy Birthday!

Thanks fellers! blush

Now, since I took the day off work in honor of passing another year… I’m thinking of going up the local music store and doin’ some geetar tradin’. Lessee, don’t hardly ever play that one… never really liked that one…

Thanks for the well wishes guys!

TG – well wishes and prayers going out to brothers and sisters on the gulf coast.

Hi Tim:
And a Big Happy Birthday to you… Isn’t that something… Comming off the assembley line on the same day… but 20 years apart…

The advances in technoledgy… Ball-joint and coil spring suspension…Belted tires and automatic transmissions… Column shifts and curved safty glass and power windows and air conditioning… Self-adjusting power brakes and the list… as it is today… including the cost of fuel… Well…

I’m working on takeing better care of my health… Don Gaynor said… and told me so…

Now, just sit back and let everything nice… happen to you on your 42nd… And we’ll see you up-and-down the Threads on the Board…

All the very best to you… Tim… :;): :laugh:


Happy Birthday 'Bama! :D

Happy joy joy,

Peace of our Lord be with you as well on this day you were blessed with breath.

Mayl the wisdom of the Lord be bestowed apon you each year you grow closer to meeting Him.

Keep shinin’

jerm :cool:

OK. Back from ye’ ol’ geetar selling joint. It was a tough call but I really need something with a more powerful lead tone. Me Strat and Godin just ain’t got the twin humbucker “balls”. So I got one o deez…

I spent about an hour on new strings and a setup before I plugged into a real amp. Say! This rascal is HOT! The scale is in between a Strat and a Les Paul and it feels great. It sounds cool too!

Happy Geetar Day to me… Happy Geetar Day to me… etc… :D :D


PS Thanks Jerm, Bill and all you other well wishers I missed before!

Hi Tim:
What a great looking guitar it is… It sortta looks like you… from the from the strap-pin to the headstock… Well…

I like that string-through-body design… Is that a bolt-on-neck? or neck-through-body?

The first bass I owned was an Ibanez… I think it was a '59 model… I bought it from the first paycheck I made when I started to work… I was so proud of that bass…

When my Dad saw it, his eyebrows went up…over his forhead… He suggested I go have a chat with my Mom, so we could discuss how much Board money we were gonna agree upon… He couldn’t understand what spending money on music was all about… It set the Tone of what earning and spending money was about… :O

I’ve remembered the lesson well…


Cool Guitar! Looks like a PRS. Does it sound like one?

PRS? Naw. Kinda has a vintage LP sound to it. You know the overwound pick-up thang? On the bridge pup into my tube amp, if I really whack it, the clean channel overdrives slightly. Can NEVER do that with the Strat.

Bill, it is maple capped mahogany, with a three piece set mahogany neck contoured into the body. NO HEEL. I really like this thing. It looks kinda plain I guess, no flame maple or quilt… but hey… it’s more a workhorse guitar.


PS Yaz, I was always scared to pick up one o’ dem mega buck PRS and check it out at the music store. I can’t really say that I KNOW what a PRS “sounds” like… ???

PPS Another cool thing; the middle position on the pick up selector gets you the outer coil on the bridge and neck pickups. Output drops a hair but it is perfect for rythym work. Not too ballsy and not to wimpy. Flick the switch to neck or bridge and wail away when its solo/riff time.

I hear how you’re describing your guitar… There’s gonna be a lotta miles and pickin on that guitar… I’m not a guitar player, so I can only imagine… :O

From what I can see… it looks like that is a "Bound/inlay neck… Is that fretboard in fact “Bound”?


Yep. It’s bound and the Koreans did a beautiful job with the binding and fretwork. They actually had this models more expensive sibling in a pretty red quilt. I liked the quilt top and all… but the neck/fretboard on this one was too good to pass up. I got it home, snipped the teenager slimed store strings off, cleaned the fretboard good, put my fav strings on it, got out the ol’ tuner, checked/adjusted the intonation, etc… before I even plugged it into an amp. Once it was right. I carried it over to church where my Carvin BelAire toob amp sits. Plugged in and aaaahhhh… sweet! We have musician/choir practice tonight and I can’t wait to see how she sounds with the full band.


A big Happy Birthday, and a big apology for missing the day of two of my favourite n-trackers. :)

Well, I hope you both had a great day, and if you didn’t, have another one on me :D

Now for the bad news. :(

You need a wound third on that to get the intonation right Tim. :(

Or you can do what I do, and just tie a knot in the third string around about fret 7; it works! :laugh:


Cool looking, quilt tops to purty to play, you just hang 'em up and look at 'em. PRS sometimes a little tooo hot to play, well at least you can back down a LP humbucker and get some tone. PRS guitars are great guitars. Think Knopler used one on “money for Nothing”. And of course Carlos Santana gets great sustain with one. But with your new geetar, ya gotta put some clips up to hear for us! Ain’t birthdays great when ys get to buy yer own present! :D

PS, it sure beats another tie, or some tool to do fix it around the house projects. Wife actually bought me a Hammer for one birthday (like I want something new to do work with).

Ali, since I hate wound thirds, I’ll try the knot trick. :D

Yaz, the wifey ponied up some bread as did the mother in-law. I traded a Dean Stylist Hollow Body that I seldom played. All in all, it wasn’t a bad deal since I REALLY like this axe. I’m actually thinking of going up a size with the strings. My usual preference is 9 - 42 but this thing plays so friggin’ good I’m thinking going to 10 - 52. These 9’s are SLINKY. Bends are effortless. I am working on a tune and I may go back and redo the guitar with this new one. I’ll post a link when I am done.