Happy Birthday Ali

Best wishes

To a fellow Taurean and n-Thusiast - best wishes for a happy birthday. Have a good one up there in Sconny Botland. How many candles in the haggis this year?

Thanks for all your posts, always edifying and entertaining.

Keep on tracking.

Happy Birthday Ali! 99 eh? LOL, hope ya get a Les Paul for yer birthday, A custom Black Beauty!

To my favourite thinkin’ drinkin’ jokin’ postin’ smokin’ guitarpickin’ N-trackin’ (oh yeah and makin’ fun of token’) Scotsman.

This board be better for having you around !

Here’s to MANY more years of thinkin’ drinkin’ jokin’ postin’ smokin’ guitarpickin’ and N-trackin’ !

Cheers Ali !



Dang, you are old.

Oops, I mean…happy birthday! :)

Hey Ali, Happy Fuckin Birthday!

I learned long ago that if I want something good for my birthday, I gotta buy it myself. Go get yourself something you really want.

take care friend,


¡¡Feliz Cumple!! y que cumplas muuuuuchos más.

That Old EH?

The only thing I can suggest to you is… To have the number of drinks to match the years you have… Let us all know how you’ve managed,… after handleing all that…

I’m a Screwdriver Drinker… But I’ve been known to take the vodka with other mixes…

You guys might call it Potato Shine… Whatever… it’s still Rocket Fuel… :p

Happy Birthday…


Thanks guys, y, gracias mis amigos. :)

Nah, I’m not really that old, I just thought I’d get it over with. :D

Oh yeah, I also lied in another part of my profile, for SEX I put “yes” :(

Anyway, after a nice meal, I’m now enjoying a fine Highland malt, and a truly exceptional rum cured Havana.

Bliss. :D


Hi Ali_T:
I can remember my Grandfather light’in one of them up after the Sunday meal…


Anyway, after a nice meal, I’m now enjoying a fine Highland malt, and a truly exceptional rum cured Havana.

He had a Box with a “Top Lid” on it… I think 50 were packed, in the box… He broke the head of a wooden match and stuck the full length of it, in the “Jaw End” of the cigar…so he wouldn’t bite the end off the cigar… We would all gather in the sittingroom, after the Sunday Evening Meal… I can still remember the smell of those cigars… Beautiful… :;):

I think they were called “Nickel” Cigars way back when… Cause they cost .05 each… If I remember… the Brand name was “White Owl”… Why is my memory so good? ???


you made it through another year alive! Seems like a fine time to count ones blessings… :cool:

Haven’t really seen anything interesting to post on lately, so I’ve been layin’ low. But I’ll come out of the woodwork for the occasional birthday and such!


keep shinin’


Happy birthday to you.

dxxx smart, dxxx funny and dxxx sensible. Great to have you as part of this community.


Yeah. What dave said! :D