Happy birthday all four of you!

Even though 3 of you are the same person

All the best for the day. :)


Cheers! Have a good one, and do yourself a b-day favor…don’t even look at Drudge today

Take care,

Happy Birthday guys :)

Mike! Welcome to the 50s club. I got there this year, it’s not so bad!


Happy Birthday guys!
Cosmic/Toker/Soul, 50 ain’t so bad, be there myself come Jan. Like I said, aged fine wine!

Yea… Someone’s gotta be 44 and 50… I may as well be you… I remember those two ages well…

I never took you to be 50… Soul… :;):


Happy Berfday fellers! (You crotchety ol’ farts!) :p :p



9 months
big party!!!

(and one brainstorm session 6 years later)

Just kidding… Happy birthday guys.


Happy Birthday!

Thanks guys but it S*CKS being 50 :laugh: I have a big BD party ever 10 years & this year they sang “You’re a Geezer now” (sung to Michael Rowed the Boat Ashore). Yeah - I hide my age somewhat & I try hard to stay “young” but I’m a 1/2 a century today.

I’m here, again…:open_mouth: :p

I felt very selfish the day I discovered I was that old… I’m not a drinker… Believe me… But I waited till everyone had gone home and I just set in the corner and had another drink…

That was 12 yeras ago… Now… I don’t consider myself to be a “Material-Type-of-Person”… However… I ain’t going unless I can take it with me… :p :laugh:

And… when I load -up, to go… I hope the journey I’ll be takeing and the destination, if I arrive, will be as good as the place I’ll be leaving… Do I have any regrets?? I sure do… I regret not makeing better use of the time I’ve spent here… Well… ???


I’m 47 years old but I believe in science evolution. Considering that I’m expecting to die older than 130.
Isn’t good? I have time to correct the previous 47 years and some time will remain to try to do the right thing.
So, be happy, we’re all kids !!!


Me? well I’m gonna live forever.
So far so good… ???

Drinks are on me!


It’s NOT better to burn out, then it is to rust!!!

Don’t know how I missed this thread!

Well let the festivus begin guys! :D

Another day older and deeper in dept… :p

With age comes wisdom…um’ mabey next year eh Mike?..


Keep shinin’…although it’s my bet most of you are shinin’ from your foreheads!

Take care…you ain’t got much time left!

jerm :cool:

Happy B Day and even happier tomorrows.

Now go get laid…



Happy B Day and even happier tomorrows.

Now go get laid…

Now, that is something I’d pay good money to see…

Toke being reborn out of a chicken’s arse! :laugh:

Sorry Mike(s). :(

Ali :D

yipe, yipe, yipe…


i concur, clark - ick.

happy birthday mike!.. best to you!!!



i concur, clark - ick.

happy birthday mike!.. best to you!!!


I don’t quite see what is “ick” about it, you eat eggs don’t you? ???

Anyway, I suppose arse was the wrong word, cloaca would be more correct.

Strange isn’t it? Chickens, and other birds and reptiles only have one all purpose orifice in the nether regions, men have two, and women have three.

I’m not sure if that means that women are a higher life form than men, or it’s just that the male embryo was too chicken to become a woman! :D