Happy Birthday Beefy Steve!

Another year, another ear hair!

Happy Birthday Steve, hope you have a great one! :D

Hi Beefy Steve:
Happy Birthday to you…

Before the day is over, run down to the pub and treat yourself… Don’t overdo it though…

I’m hearing you people got some wet weather to contend with… How is it affecting you??




Thank you for the felicitations gentlemen.

Bill, yes, there’s been A LOT of water around here recently and I fear I’m going to get wetter as I’m going camping this weekend!

Rest assured I shall be taking a few beers though :p


Beers and floatation devices! Have a safe and great campin trip!

Happy Birthday Beefy!

U rock! :D


A very happy birthday Steve. :)

Don’t get too drunk…ah, screw that…get as drunk as you want! :D

Eyup Matey,

Hope you had a good one! Would the camping involve the annual radio contest? Try to moon-bounce the signal, see if you can get half way round the world.
Hope the competition doesn’t get too hot. I know how fierce these radio contest can get, could be a world of hertz :p

Take care mate!!

hey man,hope yer day was a good one …do ya go fishin too while campin?hope ya caught a nice fish or a nice buzz,cause a day without a buzz,is like a day that never was…


Back safe & sound, just had a shower & shave & feel much refreshed.

Had some sunshine (in between the heavy showers) and got to play some radio.
Didn’t do any fishing Wozz, but I did have a kipper for Sunday breakfast. Does that count?

Now I just got to get all the gear dried out… :(

Thanks Guys!