Happy Birthday Jerm

another year older…


Well, the little rascal manages another click on the odometer of life.
Happy Birthday Jerm!


hey man,happy happy joy joy to ya,HBD

Happy Birthday dude!

Happy Birthday young man!

May the wind always be at your back… cause you don’t want to run into your own farts… :D

take care friend,


Happy Birthday jeremysdemo … 33 EH?

I think I can remember when I was 33…

I think that was back in 1976…

I can remember having so much energy…


HBD, Jeremy!

Keep shining!

Well, good on ya’ Jerm! Ya lil’ whelp… :)


I feel the love, I feel the love folks…

Thank you all for showing up please do not forget to tip your waiter upon exiting the building.
I payed for the meals, (and luckily for me not too many people showed up lol) but gratuity was not included.

Yep 33, I still remember when I thought 30 was old…lol

Alas it is only as old as you feel, and I still feel like a spring chicken so I guess that means I have no courage!

Welp, as soon as I find the tin man, scarecrow and Dorthy it’s off to see the wizard and speak to the one behind the curtain! lol (religious humor)

Take care guys until we click our heals and are back in Kansas, I say farewell, and God Bless.

keep shinin’

jerm :cool:

The only love you’ll feel from me is “tough love”. :laugh:

Have a good one Jerm & don’t shine so much that you burn up.

(Mr Soul @ May 18 2007,17:31)
Have a good one Jerm & don't shine so much that you burn up.

Plenty of oil to burn for now.

The only love you'll feel from me is "tough love".

I welcome the rod of truth to straighten my back. :)

keep shinin'

jerm :cool:

All my best wishes to my very favourite religious nut. :)

And just a wee quote from the book I’m currently reading (Red Lightning by John Varley)…

“Hey! He died in 33 AD, get over it!” :p :D

But again, all my best wishes Jerm. :)


Hey Jerm,

Been away for a couple of weeks and you sneaked a birthday in :)

I guess we haven’t always been on the best of terms but I still thing your hearts in the right place…

Take care young fellar…

Everyone’s heart’s in the right place, I always say - on the left! (useful political joke for meetings of lefties)

Thanks guys glad to see you kept the party going on without me,

Hopefully you all will forgive me for being the absent host…tee hee’

To Ali, who says I am religious? did you and Tom not go over that topic a while back?
TO be this “religious” feller you describe do I have to light candles? ('cause most of them make me sick) or go to church on Sundays?
I do not remember the details of what you guys agreed made something a religion, or one religious for that matter, but I assure you I am far less religious than one might think (at least in my own understanding of the word)
To me religion always seems to mess up the very basic truth of what guys like Jesus said by including myths and folklore/legends into the stories and creating traditions around those articles rather than simple following what the guy said to do.

Tom, funny anatomy analogy…lol, oops just checked it, it jumped to the right for a second…Oh good, it’s back…thank goodness.

Bruffie, thanks for the kind words.
I will be the first to admit if there ever was and ‘terms’ between us that were less than favorable it had to have been my fault and due to the stubbornness of my youth.
Even if ones heart is in the right place (figuratively) the road to destruction is paved with good intentions…
I only hope and pray that one day my road will be paved with the substance and direction that leads to Life, and every day I pray with every step I am one step closer to the person I have potential to be, which is not who I was since mistakes are made and we can learn from them and grow, moving forward into the expanse that is undefined and uncharted but altogether exiting and new (like the Love Boat).
And I pray that those whom I have offended when my road was rockier and paved wrongly, with stones of my own will, will some day be able to forgive me for my many trespasses to them.

May you all be blessed this day in the name of Yeshua, and Ya.

keep shinin’

jerm :cool:

Jeremy, you are positively Kierkegaardian!

I’m gonna send you a copy of Fear and Trembling for your birthday! Belated!


(TomS @ May 27 2007,20:51)
Jeremy, you are positively Kierkegaardian!

I’m gonna send you a copy of Fear and Trembling for your birthday! Belated!


That title sounds familiar.

Any book you recommend has to be a good read so I will browse the local used book store and see if I can find it next time.

The gift to me is already given Tom, by you being kind enough to offer your time and understanding to point me toward what you feel is a good direction.
Time is the most valuable thing on this planet with ours being limited in this body, so any amount one gives another is infinitely valuable.
You have already given me a part of your Life you will never get back and is not replaceable, and I thank you.

Greater love hath no man than this: that he lay down his life for his friends.

keep shinin’

jerm :cool:

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