Happy Birthday KINGFISH

Our first centenarian


Well, not quite, but only another year to go.

Have a mildly happy, but not too exciting or overtaxing birthday!

:D :D :D


Happy B’day King. 99 huh… ??? I’m getting this warm, squishy feeling that you are full of sh… Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Have a great day!


These guys… Don’t let the women around him… At his age… It could be fatal…

Anyway, Happy Birthday KINGFISH…Yah–hoo… :O :laugh:


Dang, you are old. :)

Thanks alot fellas…

I rode horses a good part of my life and had several spectacular wrecks along the way, the worst of which was my horse tripping at a full gallop. We flipped several times and I slid 30 feet in deep sand after I hit. The initial impact involved my shoulder and the next one slammed my lower back. I was ok at the time and rode another 10 or so years. Now I’m a walking barometer! 20 years of construction helped too!

I FEEL like 99! But I just input the incorrect year for fun. I’m so old that my grandfather fought in the Spanish-American War (really)!

I have found my speed on the guitar has diminished 20% but my fingerpicking ability has increased…arthritis and all! Don’t know why though. I find I forget some things pretty easily now too! I probably have another 5 years left…but then I said that 5 years ago too!


Yeah your so Old School they’ll have to close you down because of the asbestos.

Keep shinin’ you crazy diamond.

jerm :cool:

Spanish-American war - really?

Quote (TomS @ Oct. 23 2006,19:06)
Spanish-American war - really?

As far as my dad and uncles have said......YES.

My cousin is in the process of verifying and looking up our tree right now. My dad was the youngest of 7 and his dad would have been around 16 at the time of that war. He died not too long after I was born.