Happy Birthday Tuster

All the best for the day. :)

(And, ever noticed how Taureans are the most intelligent, witty, talented and handsome of all the star signs? Ach well, just one of those things I suppose. :D)


Happy Day Tuster!

TG :)

Happy Birthday Tuster, hope ya get some musical toys!:D

Thanks chaps. Another year older, more brain cells down the drain. Yes, Yazmeister, I got some dinky Quadral (German) bookshelf loudspeakers to use as monitors for my DAW (half price bargain) and a huge pair of Mission M35 columns for my hi-fi/surround sound set-up, so I am in audio hog heaven. Regarding Taureans, Ali, my beloved spouse regularly points out our stubborn streak (that more knowing souls call steadfastness).
Peace and joy to all n-Thusiasts.
Chuffed TusterBuster

Yeah !
Belated happy birthday !



That is a good word.
I like it !