Happy Birthday Woxnerw

have a great day!

Many Happy Returns Bill, have a good day and keep making music, it’s what keeps us young (Well, at heart anyway) :)



Felicitations! and Good Cheer!
Happy Birthday Bill, have a superb day :D :D :p :D :D


Happy birthday to you…

Hey, Bill, seems like it was only a year ago we were wishing you happy birthday!

Well…happy birthday again!


Happy and joy to you !

Many happy returns Bill!!!


Happy Birthday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL!! You old fart! September 6 must be a charmed day what with two such outstanding fellows being born on it. Even though 20 YEARS apart. Now, we got Bill born on the 6th, who’s this other outstanding fellow? ???


Happy Birthday Bill!

Happy B-day.

For some reason I always pronounce your name Wox-er-new?
only to correct myself reading it again as Wox-ner-w.
Welp Wox on Wox off,

jerm :cool:

Hi Bruffie… and Everyone:
Thank you for the Birthday greetings and all… The day was soo nice here… I just wasted it away…

I started back to work… But I really have to get more productive with the time I use… I’ve been off sense the 24th of June… I had so many things planned… to get involved with… But the days just flew by and all I know now is, it’s the 7th day of September…

It’s 5am in the morning and there’s not a speck of daylight out there… The summer is gone… believe I missed it… I’m gonna work on makeing better use of the hours in the day… I have to work on improving my health, as well…


A big Happy Birthday, and a big apology for missing the day of two of my favourite n-trackers. :)

Well, I hope you both had a great day, and if you didn’t, have another one on me :D


Happy birthday Bill, you old stalwart, you.

Hi Ali… and… Hello to you Willy:
At my age, I tend to downplay these days … they’re showing up at a faster pace every year… I don’t think I’m as old as my years… but someone who is younger, would be able to make a better observation of that…

I look forward to visiting the Board every day, when I’m able, and I look forward to seeing the topics you’re interested in and what topics are occupying your mental time…

You see… I have this ability to read between your lines
:p :O to judge the state of your being… ??? … Well…

Summer is fading fast over here, But I can tell that Willy is looking forward to the season at hand… However, I think this is the season that the Brush fires flair up… over there…

Anyway, I’ll be looking for your posts… and I hope you stay healthy and well…


ooopss. A bit late, but happy birthday Bill !!!

Hey Mark A:
Thanks for your Birthday Greetings. I try not to encourage me into doing anything, too drastic… That could cost me throwing money at material things… But I think I’ll see if I can “Claw-back-some -Money”. and get Drumagog… It’s pretty “Pricey”… but I think I’ll get it and have some fun with it over the winter… I’m not sure if I should get the “Entry” level version or the “Pro” version… Whatd’da think?.. Mabey, I’ll write the author some mail and see if the entry level can be up-graded as an after market update…