Happy Birthday

Wozz ol’ man

Happy Birthday Wozz! Ya ol’ fart! Hope ya have a great day! :D

HBD! :)

Yep. What they said. Hope you get the pressies you want.


It’s ok Wozz, you’re allowed to have GAS on your birthday :D


Happy Day to ya’ wozz!

Keep 'em coming eh?


We’re off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of wozz…

There I sang you a song for your B-day!

keep shinin’

jerm :)

Hi Wozz:
Happy Birthday to You. I missed it yesterday…

We were bracing for heavy weather … It arrived late… We’re in the middle of a bad ice storm… Most everybody is inside, and we’re hoping we don’t loose our power…


thanks fellow Ntrackers,im feelin a bit older but i know i can count on ya guys to get me through the year,your a great bunch to hang around with and i think i have learned sumthin from eachone of ya’s!i got a couple new stomp box’s for gifts and i’ll be out tonight tryin em at the gig,and sippin some green brews too i would imagine.:laugh: