Happy birthday

Whoever you are!

And in light of recent posts, I’m not really sure who I am any more. :(

but whoever you are, Cosmic Mike, Mr Toker, Tim Tim of Tim, etc., etc., and however many of you there are, have a wonderful birthday all of you. :D


I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together

Thanks! I don’t feel this old (but I am).

Mike, it gets worse. So just enjoy what you have. :D

Hey Mike !

Happy Birthday man !

Hope the day (and year ahead) is awesome.



Happy birthday Mike.

Looks like your alter-ego’s are having one too!

Hope your wish is that you’ve been dreaming for 6 years and that when you blow out the candles you’ll awake to a world where republicans are field laborers.

KF :p

Happy happy joy joy you old goat!

I hope your head shrinks and your finally able to get out of that guitar!

I mean it was funny when you first did it, but the echoy voice get’s annoying, and it must be hard to take a crap in there! :p

keep shinin’

jerm :cool:

Hey guys - thanks!!!

I had forgotten how many alias’ I had. We’re all happy today.

I’ve working hard to finish my “Best of” CD which I will be releasing soon. I’m going through the final tweak-mix phase. I’ll let you know when it’s done.

Quote (Mr Soul @ Aug. 24 2006,12:03)
...We're all happy today...

:laugh: :laugh:

A belated Happy Birthday Mike, I never noticed it before. Lang may yir lum reek! :D

HBD Mike, :D

Being an Irishman that has never been to the homeland, I can only imagine that this is how a local pub band might play the happy birthday song. It is the best I could do on short notice. Sorry I chimed in so late Mike, I have been away. Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday, Mr Soul… Mike…

How many years IS-IT? 53 ????

That’s pretty old… for a rocker… :laugh:



Belated happy birthday Mike.


Hi Mike,

Happy Birthday!! :)

Sorry for the belated greeting. Attended a rather heavy party over the weekend ( Weekend is Fri/Sat here )

Take care in your advancing years,


Keep on rockin in the free world.


btw: treat yourself to a copy of the Heart of Gold dvd for your birthday. It is GREAT!!!