Happy Easter


Can’t somebody pay some serious scientist to come up with a study which says chacolate can be GOOD for you :(


They can come up with answers for just about anything else they want to…

That’s quite the Q-and-A’s Mark… Whatta-Way-to-Go… I remember seeing that, somewhere, in a “Post”… IT’s no good being all exhausted and worn-out, when your Number-Gets-Called… ??? :O

May as well… Go with a Smile on your Face…

What’s that song? " I Did It My Way "… I stand corrected… I think IT was written by that Cindy Walker Girl, that just died… The Texas born girl…



Yay, that seems like a good enough scientific test to me. :D


I sent that quote to my mom, and she was delighted. Totally made her day- I should have saved it for Mother’s Day! :laugh: