Happy Solstice, Guys!



Hi Tom S:
I’m gonna be a happy guy when we turn the corner and start getting longer daylight hours per day… Right now, we’re getting up in the Dark and going to bed in the Dark… But that’s O.K. Up here we are always In-the-Dark… Well… :p

It’s true… I hate it… ??? :laugh:

Longer day-light hours begin to be noticed around here during the second week in January…

I can’t wait…

Sorry Willy… and Wilian and marce and whoever else is down there… :laugh: :;):

Ya can’t have it your way… all year…


Well if it’s the solstice that would explain why it’s forecast to be up to 38*C here today…

Going to be a stinker of a Christmas I think…

Yes, yes! May your days grow longer! (and NOT your nose!) :D


You know summat, about 30 years ago I stood at Stonehenge to welcome the sunrise at sumer solstice.

I was with a bunch of freaks (and I use that term including myself in it :D), who were druids.

I was also (supposedly) a druidic Bard (i.e., not only did I have a guitar, but I could play it too! LOL).

But anyway, the Celtic Druidic Association had gotten permission to be there, and for unforgotten reasons, I was there too.

So we greeted the dawn, and incredibly moving it was too.

No, not for any religious reasons (not for my part anyway), but just the sense of continuity.

Just that feeling that I had continued along the path that my grandfather’s, grandmother’s grandfather’s…

Anyway, you know what I mean.

It really was summat else. :)

Quote (woxnerw @ Dec. 20 2005,18:11)
Up here we are always In-the-Dark.. Well.. :p

Probably not as much as we here in Finland, though... :cool:
Quote (woxnerw @ Dec. 21 2005,03:11)
Up here we are always In-the-Dark..

:D can I recommend " In The Dark" by Wilson/Brough (CMW/Bruffie) of n-Track fame!!! :D

Desperate plug No:42

Blessed be for the Solstice Tom! Here in Dubai the daylight only changes by half an hour or so :(

In The Dark

Ah well.

We still have the hottest part of our summer ahead of us.

The fun part about having Christmas over in South Africa is the fact that the family can enjoy long days outside swimming, sitting around in the shade and going to the beach.
(It’s nothing funny to go for a quick swim at 2 am after the xmas party.)

And obviously to have a good ‘braai’ (pronounced like dry)
(Somewhat like a BBQ, but with lambchops, pork rashers, grilled cheeseonion and tomato bread and ‘boerwors’ - a very meety beefy type of sausage, and with a HUGE open fire to start it all off with)

And obviously lots of beer.

Now yer talk’in my my kind of of a good time. BBQ’d Lobester Tails… bacon wrapped Scollops… Clam Chowder… BBQ’s ears-of-corn… no snow to shovel… and something Cold-and-Wet…

I still wonder how Santa gets around on his sleigh… without all that snow… I know there’s all that magic lub that he puts on the runners, but that’s gotta ware off, sooner-or-later…

Wihan… and Mwah… There are people that can’t wait till summer solstice to travel to the 60th paraelle to see the sun sit at-or-near the horizon, 24 hours -a-day… or wait till the winter solstice to never see the sun… only to see that it’s overcast and either snowing or rainning… or whatever…

You gotta live close to the equator, Bruffie…

I think I’d like to mabey, live in a place where people would ask me why I carry a shovel in the trunk of my car? Then I could make up all kinds of stories, to tell them…

Can I post-up my Christmas Wish-List… Now? :O :D

Whoo… 38c, on Christmas Day… I know what 105f in the sun, feels like… I’m not equipped for that kind of weather…


Quote (woxnerw @ Dec. 21 2005,13:09)
You gotta live close to the equator, Bruffie..

Pretty close Bill. I live in the United Arab Emirates, but I was born in the North of Scotland and brought up in the North of England.
Kinda miss those days trudging home from school at 3.30pm in the dark with the snow filling my wellington boots........

Er!!! But not much :)



Ah yes, I love Christmas. Cold, wet, with a bit of fog thrown in for good measure. We even has hail last year, that was just special.
Turn the heating up, break out the tasteless wooly sweaters and enjoy :D

Happy Solstice!