Hard Drive Configuration

Hi, All,

I’m getting a new computer for my DAW setup (Dell 8400). I’m wondering about the best hard drive setup. In my old system I have two 40 GB EID drives set up as master and slave on line 2. The new system has SATA. Would I be better with 2 independent drives as in the old computer, or is there any advantage to a Raid 0 configuration? How about Raid 1?

Any comments and advice are appreciated. Thanks.


The answer to your question depends on what you’re looking for. First, how big are your new drives?

Most folks would benefit from the 2 independant drives (that’s how I have mine set at this time). IF (BIG IF) you need absolute speed from the system (as in you’re doing massive realtime video edits) or have individual files larger than a single drive, then you should TEST the RAID 0 (striping) configuration. If you’re afraid a drive will cough up a bearing, TEST the RAID 1 (mirroring) solution - be aware if you write bad data to this, the bad data will go to BOTH drives - only hardware failures are covered by RAID 1. So for me, the separate drives (I use 1 ATA, 1 SATA in my setup -the SATA is for audio/video files only) work best - all programs and operating system are on the boot drive.


Thanks, d,

That’s kinda what I was thinking. The new system comes with a 250GB SATA drive. Then I’ll add a second drive for my audio files (and video if I get into that.) It’ll probably be a 200 or a 250, and probably SATA. Is there any special reason why your 2nd drive is an ATA? I’ll keep them independent as you suggest. I’m sure that speed will not be an issue; I’m not having any problems recording 18-20 tracks now. And I back up regularly to CD (now I’ll use DVD’s).

Thanks for the advice.
Don :D