Hardcore or Metal w/n-Track?

Any one making metal??

Hey, I’m a guitarist with a drum machine, a laptop, and a newly registered version of n-Track. I was just wondering if anyone else out there is making heavy music with n-Track. If so, post… you probably have some tips for me. :)

I made a necklace once and a piece of sheet brass, but that was as far as I got. As for heavy metal, I have some lead figurines I got as a kid. :)

Seriously, what questions do you have? A lot of folks here do heavy stuff, but it is hard to post what will benefit you if no one knows what problems you are having.

I make reasonably heavy music. I guess you could call it Funky Metal a la Extreme or Van Halen.


The hardest part for me has always been getting a good drum sound, but it sounds like you are set up with your drum machine.

I can recommend the Line 6 POD for recording guitar, it’s neighbour-friendly. :cool:



Lot’s of old school metal heads in here, myself included.
Just go to the Ntrack music page if you want to here some.
I tried doing the synth drum thing years ago, and finally gave up trying to get a sound that fit’s metal.
Eventually I got a cheezy studio kit for 200 bones on E-bay and I’ve been bangin’ on the drums all day every since.
But if you are determined to use a drum machine, I would suggest getting leaf efx. It has a nice distortion along with other efx. that can help the snare and hihats sound more real.
Also, there’s programs out there, eg (fruity loop ect) that you can import real samples of drums into, to help out as well,
Oh yeah and don’t forget to post your creations for all to enjoy!

keep trackin’


ta do metal rite yer gotta go wiv live off floor approach mate’’’’ n get a blinkin good live drummy sound wiv a few mics’’’’ n 4 blokes ‘’’’ dwummer, bass , n two gitter playrs’’’‘
n pannin n stackim da tracks rite’’’’ n get a nice stereo bed track off floor mate wiv one gitter pan left n tother on rite n drums n bass centre ‘’’’ n after one good bed track yer start stackin yer complimentin leads n reinforcin da rhthm trak’’’ n do anuver overdub of drummys so it sounds big’’’’’ n yer gotta av lead player do lead space fill ins n stuff ‘’’’ n stop him frum playin like a bajillion trillion notes per secnd’’’’ some blokes use stairwells fer drums n lotsa other weird places n sumtimes put amps in wells ‘’’’ n yer gotta cut back on yer distn levels ‘’’ n do a few praktice runs ta get balance off floor rite’’’’ n yer gotta watch yer 200 hz ta 500 hz eq on gitter amps n not muddy blinkin stuff up n eq cut till it sits rite in mix n stuff’’’'
yer gotta carve out da spaces on metal so it dont all wash out da song :D :D


listen to the first song on that page. if it’ll work.

metal head here.

to me metal is all about the guitar, drum parts and arrangement.

concentrate on getting a good guitar sound recorded. like limey said, ususally at least a left and right rythmn. doubled for extra punch during some parts. i like solos that start up the center and get panned into L n R two parts (harmony maybe) as it builds.

try to make your drum machine parts lifelike.

dont forget to add bass guitar somehow. it really fills out a fat bed of guitar tracks.

put on Panteras Vulgar display of power and listen with headphones. that will give you a good idea. btw…best metal album ever. :;):


listen to that. it was done on a 4 track at a party. :) guitar left and right, bass and drums up the center. effects added at mixdown…at the party… lol

Good advice Limey! How long did it take you to learn to type/talk like that! :D :D

Hey Jerm, so far I’ve been really happy with the sound of the drum machine, but you’re right, I want to get a real kit ASAP.

I actually play in a band already, and I’m definitely into what were doing, but there is a little bit of a Death Metal flavor that doesn’t really allow me as much of an outlet as I’d like. So… I’m trying some solo stuff for fun.

I’ll be around… Thanks guys! :D

[QUOTE]Panteras Vulgar display of power and listen with headphones. that will give you a good idea. btw…best metal album ever

Although it’s not my first choice, I can’t argue! :D That song off the 4-track sounds pretty good! I’ll try to get something up for people to hear, and offer tips/ideas.

oh, and to be clear… that is not my band. :laugh: i merely operated the 4 track and played the drum parts they wanted. :D i think we had 2 or 3 crappy mics.

Quote (brentg @ Jan. 04 2005,21:13)
oh, and to be clear... that is not my band. :laugh: i merely operated the 4 track and played the drum parts they wanted. :D i think we had 2 or 3 crappy mics.

I'm impressed...

Also to add a suggestion to Jerm’s post… I find Fruity Loops is pretty good at creating a drum with a fair amount of complexity, allowing you to lay out multiple patterns.

Also, I guess I find it easier to do stuff that is more “industrial” than true metal… Best of luck emulating Vinnie’s drumming with drum machine :)

one fing wiv metal dat can be blinkin good but yer gotta be a precise gitter player is ta bring whole mood n arrangement down in a song loike goin frum full flat out crank ta mebe one gitter in yer face wiv da lead vocal’’‘lotta blokes go full crank thru all da song so dere is no dsynamiks ta arrangement’’’‘i go back ta wot i used ta say’’’‘HOOKS’’’‘gotta av into hooks’’’‘
yer hit punter in first ten secs wiv intro hook’’’’’‘den mor hooks in song later’’’‘n wen song finishes a winky hook ta finish’’’‘wen i wos recordin metal blokes in past a lotta dem i would reorient ta fink bout hooks cos a lot of em dont know importance’’’‘i used ta say a song wivout hooks never will go anywhere’’’ hendrix,clapton,who,metallica n all the others that followed understood hooks’’’‘listen ta early alice’’’‘hooks all over da place’’’‘now there wos a bloke who unnerstood hooks’’’’’‘alice wos adept at flushin em out’’‘intro hooks. lead hooks n so on’’’‘half the art of it is arrangement n omposishun ‘’’ n wiv metal yer gotta av a stonkin bed trak’’’‘drum machines aint gonna do jobby’’’ :D :D

hey sweet,

i’m a heavy metal type person too. i’ve been using ntrack for a while now to record all my songs. paired with FL Studio, i find it to be a pretty nice combination.

i do all my drum work in FL Studio and all guitars are recorded directly from an effects board. bass is run straight in as well as vocals.

all this is done on my state of the art soundblaster live…heh (hey it works)

here’s something recorded a long time ago… Born Yesterday



hey that sounds pretty decent!

can you tell me more about what you use in fruity loops? the drums sound really good.

Quote (brentg @ Jan. 05 2005,12:25)
hey that sounds pretty decent!

can you tell me more about what you use in fruity loops? the drums sound really good.


hey man, i basically just use the NS7 kit ( http://www.naturalstudio.co.uk/ns_kit.html ) in wav format and i tweaked the #### out of the individual wav files in fruity until i got the sound i liked. i added reverb, compression, EQ, etc. i spent hours doing this, but i think it worked out in the long run. once i get the sound i want, i save that kit as a template in fruity loops and i'm on my way. then load fruity up as a vsti in N-track.



I do Peruvian Black Metal with n-Track. It’s rather wicked sounding when compressed. :O

Quote (Ted Noogent @ Jan. 06 2005,14:00)
I do Peruvian Black Metal with n-Track. It's rather wicked sounding when compressed. :O

Post a clip! :)