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hello everyone…
i have only been using n track for a few months and am really happy with the 10 songs i have finished. i have a couple guitars, harmonica, rythym egg, mic and yamaha keyboard and record in a spare room. i would very much like to use my yamaha keyboard (i inherited it) which has midi in & out rca jacks. right now i run everything into a guitar fx pedal and then into the soundcard line in. yes, i have to keep plugging in the instrument i am going to use for that track and i should just get a mixer (someday).
my question is: how do i connect the keyboard to the computer and use it for midi? i am a whole lot confused about what the ‘midi’ really is (in laymans terms). i already use the keyboard as a keyboard in songs, but my understanding is that it can do a lot more. correct?
any help would be greatly appreciated even if it just gets me to the experimental stage. i am at work right now and don’t have the model numbers handy but will look for any replies…

This reference can help you for start:


Hi g8orcliff. If you have a normal, desk/office type PC, the midi in-out usually has to be done through the joystick connector, the one used for games. I remember that a PC I had with a SoundBlaster sound card came with an adapter, the “D” connector on one side and two DIN sockets on the other. The SoundBlaster drivers include midi. Don’t know about other types of soundcard. Many are built into the motherboard these days, I guess you can still use the joystick port for midi, the PC manual should say something about it.

MIDI connectors are 5-pin DIN type, not RCA. When folks speak about RCA plugs they usually mean the coaxial audio input connectors used on most hi-fi amplifiers.

If you can’t sort out the MIDI connections on your PC, there are cheap (USD50) USB MIDI interfaces, some examples
here (M-Audio). For a few dollars more (hmm… good film title!) you can get a combined audio and midi interface that will sound much better than the PC sound card and be easier to use.

Happy tracking!
TusterBuster :cool:

thanx …looks like my work is cutout for me…lots of reading to do and stores to visit…