Need advice on hardware to purchase

I have been using n-Track for almost a year but not the way it’s suppossed to be used. I need to buy a new computer and also, does it work with like a Firepod (firewire) converter. Lastly, which sound card should I get? Anyone?

First, yes, N-track does work with Firepod. Secondly, the Firepod IS a sound card! You do not need another card. Re-read whatever you saw where it was only a convertor. It does convert analog signals to digital, but that is only one of it’s functions.

Thanks for that info! So, I don’t need a sound card in my new computer then or I don’t need anything "high-end?"
Thanks again!


It does convert analog signals to digital

That and the reverse ARE the primary functions of a soundcard.

A Firepod certainly isn’t a “low-end” card. It’s all you need if you’ll be doing up to 8-channel audio recording and using an external MIDI keyboard and/or synth.