Hark, said Herald

Press release of the day:

"Just released this week, ‘U-Sing-It’ – an innovative CD release that lets buyers create their own versions of holiday songs to share with friends and family, powered by UmixIt’s remixing technology – is already a hit, an impressive feat given the 51 shopping days still left until Christmas. "Released on November 1st, U-Sing-It has already shipped over 48,000 copies, and in just its first day out prompted re-orders of an additional 20,000 units. Critics are raving about how easy U-Sing-It makes it to ‘sing holiday songs on top of a professional backup track, ‘‘American Idol’-style’ according to the Boston Globe, or ‘remix your voice, as well as the instruments, Diddy-style.’

"The collection of favorites includes classics like ‘Auld Lang Syne,’ ‘White
Christmas,’ and ‘Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer,’ each one enabled with
UmixIt’s fully functional and easy to use audio software, which comes
complete right on the disc. ‘U-Sing-It’ makes possible ‘virtual Christmas
caroling’ on a global scale, as the UmixIt software enables anyone who buys
the collection to add their own vocals to a full backing band of pros, and
mix and remix their voice and the instruments as they please.

"Buyers can record their own version at midnight and email it around the
world by morning, burn their own CD of favorites to give as a gift, or just
share with friends and family in their own home. The success of the new
project (the first full-length title designed and created entirely by
UmixIt) has already prompted a follow up, as the company has recently
started work on a new collection of classic love songs- tentatively titled
’Romance’ - slated for release January 3rd, just in time for Valentines day.

"UmixIt has garnered attention for their innovative technology that
delivers a song on 8 to 16 discrete channels complete with the software to
mix and edit the tracks together, bundled with popular releases at no
additional cost. Recent and upcoming releases include the newest releases
from David Banner and Aerosmith, and the upcoming Billy Joel boxed set.

“For more information on UmixIt visit www.umixit.com

I don’t which to do? Yell, “WOW! Why didn’t I think of that!”… or just run out and order myself a case of earplugs. :D

TG – opting for the earplugs! :p

Bet it’s marketed by Magix and bundled with an old version of Logic. :)

HEY! I LIKE my Magix products! (You’re probably right though :D)