Has anyone upgraded directly from 3.3 to 5.x?


I think I am ready to make the leap.

(a)Are there any known issues with opening 3.3 projects in 5.x?

(b)Is it worth it to spend the extra money for 24-bit? Is there a big sound quality difference in 16-bit vs 24-bit?


I have been using 3.2 to record weekend sessions with my band, burning the whole session to CD, then taking that home to edit in version 5, and have not had a problem yet.

I think it is way worth getting the 24 bit version, if your soundcard can handle 24 bits. The sound quality improvement may not be obvious at first, but once you have added a raft of plug-ins, done a couple mix-downs, and converted to 16 bits for burning to cd - you will!

Good luck!
'til next time;

i have the same question and also wanted to know if the plug-in compressor and eq that i purchased with 3.3 from flavio… will they work in the 24 bit version with no issues?