Have a Happy 4th of July !

Here’s to all the British folks on the Forum.

We couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks for the holiday!

Hopefully I’m spending mine recording with n-Track 6.0


Have a good 'un everybody.

Everybody be safe with the fireworks. Not much call for pickers with no fingers… and for Pete’s sake, if you enjoy a few libations of the alcoholic variety, stay OFF MY HIGHWAY!


PS Yep. It’s mine. My tax dollars paid for it. :p

PPS That KB37 show up Poppa W?


That KB37 show up Poppa W?

Sigh**** NO.
I'll go see if I can track it.

**Not even shipped yet - They are out! ordered it the 28th even - I had to call Sweetwater because the online track didn't work..... Maybe I'll go back to musiciansfriend - at least they emailed me when there was a problem. - groan............

My son in law will be setting up the tent he and my daughter bought last year and haven’t used yet in my backyard this weekend. My soon to be 3 year old grandson hasn’t exactly warmed up to the idea yet. (He’d rather spend the time playing with my guitars and microphones and watching Noggin.) Grill a few dogs and burgers, and go check out the fireworks at the Civic Center. Maybe I’ll find the time to mess around with Dreamin’, which arrived in the mail today. Probably not. Anyway, I hope you all have a happy and memorable Independence Day Weekend.

We’re going to blow the concrete off the road in front of our house! What a great holiday! :)

There ain’t no grass grow’in under the Cunnucks over here…
Our Day was on Tuesday…
most of them took last Friday… IT led into the weekend…
then most of them didn’t report into work on Monday…

So much for a five-day Holliday…


I spent most of my Holliday formatting a W/D 40 gig. hard drive… It still ain’t right…

Happy 4th everyone.

Spending mine looking at the grass grow. By myself the rest of the weekend.

What a great time for recording right?
Well maybe not.

Happy 4th Guys. :agree: