Have I forgotten anything?


Well at least you stayed on the original topic phoo! :laugh:


Thanks phoo. About time I got an answer.


Is this how-and-why OR why-and-how the Number Chart came to be in Nashville.?? I believe that once you master the number chart you never again have to worry about notes written on a sheet of music… If you can’t read a number’s chart you ain’t gonna survive as a Session Man down there… I think it depends what instrument you play… You write your own number sheet then you proced-and-do your track on the session from there… Then the Track Man and Producer gets you to adjust your number sheet from there… Don’t cross them up… OR… you’re gone… I think you get one kick at the can… :p :laugh: Or you wish you put your energy into playing PigSkin Ball…


speaking of pigskin and Tennessee - GO TITANS !!!


speaking of pigskin and Tennessee - GO TITANS !!!

Titans just lost... couldn't keep from turning it over, not to mention the eleventy-two penalties. I feel sick.

Ok, here’s the deal - she lives in home recording hell. Out of town right smack dab between the two radio stations in town - horrible RF interference. Can I just get shielded cables and lift all the grounds?

Hmmm, I’m real close to tv tower for northwestern NC, good luck on blocking RF.
AC Line conditioners are best bet Poppa. Furmans work pretty good. And keep all cable ends super clean for best ground.

Tennessee lost, Carolina lost, NY lost . . . . .
Maybe that week off and rest was too much.

So you think it’s comin’ in on the AC and not the connector cords? I re thought it last night and I think the problem is in the laptop - trying to run line in on the front panel mic connection - even though Gateway asks you if what you plug in is for mic or line - I just don’t feel good about it - I’m going to tey a usb set-up instead I think. Run some checks on it.