Have It Your Way

New Mix

This is more like the mix that I had the other night.

Have It Your Way

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Maybe my vote isn’t fair cause I didnt hear the first mix! Like the song though! Slow and smooth, good leads, love the dirt on the guitar, :agree: :agree: Is that you on the walkin bass? I like it when the bass plays out, when it gets attention. Good stereo seperation. Sounds real good to me.

Vox are too low.

Sort of a problem when we roll our own, eh? :)

Quote: (TomS @ Jan. 20 2009, 6:09 PM)

Vox are too low.

Sort of a problem when we roll our own, eh?

That just encourges the listener to turn the music up :D Believe me if I where a singer I'd have them up lol Thx, I'll reconsider. But I didn't just bring the vocals down.
:laugh: Some people who know that I used to smoke siggs ask if I'll ever smoke again. And to that I answer "yes as soon as we legalize pot"! I get ramdome drug testing can't and don't smoke any mo. :( Stoped that back in 88. Think that was the year Angie was born? :laugh:

PW, quit hackin my thread!
Nix had voted I saw it. Put it back or you know what!

Thats better, thank you. :laugh:

You are one easy dude to screw with. :laugh:

I don’t have to do anything at all and you get yer fur up!

Awesome - perception rules over reality once again!

:laugh: Well if something happend here you did it!
Well that's not fair of me.
Besides there is always MagnumD.

I find it intresting that y'all want MY vocals up but I'm also hearing an 8th note of air sound just before the song starts, that needs fixing. So I'll bring up the
vox 2 clicks.

What’d I do now??? Geez… all I did was VOTE. I’ll keep my comments to myself thank you. What the heck do I know anyway? :p


Quote: (Dubious @ Jan. 20 2009, 6:33 PM)

What'd I do now?!?!? Geez... all I did was VOTE. I'll keep my comments to myself thank you. What the heck do I know anyway? :p


lol Hey I value your opinion! Always have. Just didn't want you emptying the building on flavio that's all. If you have some constructive crateiking for me I would appreciate it.


Isn't that spelled kurteekin'?

Who knows.
I probably spelled it 3 or 4 different ways.
I am certified dyslexic ya know.
In fact my dyslexia might be responsible for some of the cool riffs that I play.
I know after hearing some takes I’ll think; how the h did I play that!
Way better than I was expecting.

True storie!

lets pronounce it;
craaaa teeek ing
so what? :laugh: You did notice that I didnt put an option for spelling on that poll! Your a Punk!

Critiquing, el maestro already gave him a C- for spelling… :laugh:


Your a Punk!

You're right!
Quote: (nixon1972 @ Jan. 20 2009, 7:06 PM)

Critiquing, el maestro already gave him a C- for spelling.... :laugh:

:laugh: Thx for clearing that up Nix, the nerve of some people!

Ok made the adjustments.
Added a second vocal trk pushied it down the time line a little and sperated the two a tad 10 and -10 clicked the vox up 3 clicks.
Cut the air at the beginning.

I’m diggin this!
Punky Willis?
Thx for the drums!
They sound great!
Nice feel that offered me plenty of insperation and a chance to make another cool tune that is unique from my other songs.
Thx! I’m a happy camper!
And thx to you others for your helpful suggestions.
You guys and gals are great!

I posted 3 more tracks for you to listen to earlier today. They got lost in the chit chat I guess.

I’ll check out the mix.

I don’t know what you’re goin for imaging wise but for me first off I’m started looking at my laptop for faders to pull on the intro. My point being this could be helped by the less is more and continue to build instead fo getting there in 8 bars and then riding that wave out.

This is really a cool little piece you got though.

I’m too nit picky anyway.

Love your riffs!

Oh? Other tracks? Hmmmm? You must think I’m a work horse. No I didnt notice a link or anythin for them sorry.