Have you compared other hosts to N track??

How would you rate N track compared to sequencers like FL studio and Orion? how do you like the midi capabilities, mixing, effects, audio etc.?? I am looking for a host to do tracks mainly from vst instruments and to sequence a few hardware synths and record them. N track looks to be quite user friendly so far.

the midi editing capabilities of n are a little limited - but still very capable. Everytime I dig a bit deeper I find n can do what I want. No notation editor tho’ FL is not the same animal - more loop based and not really an audio editor at all. I have it but not played with it much. I guess great for dance/trance or sequencing drums. Don’t know orion.

I have tried most of the current crop, and have paid for NTrack and Podium. Depending of the type of track I’m doing, I select my host. NTrack is the allrounder, supports everything, solid linear music making. I use Podium if I’m doing more in the way minimalist music, where I have a large number of repeats, and need to change all the clips in one go (uses linked clips, so change one-> all change; NTrack would required visiting every repeat individually).

I have had very few stability problems with N, and those I have had can be idenetified as bad VST.

N does pretty much everything I need. There are limitations with the midi editting, but once you accept what they are, and work within the given framework you can get a lot done very quickly.