Having a go at POP

…definitely not my usual thing so a big SORRY.
I’ve been looking lately at writing commercial pop as there may be a better chance of a publishing deal.

I was quite proud of this…aimed at UK boybands and for the 13 - 19 age range…its not a finished song from a writing perspective…I just wanted a go at POP…however a pal of mine says it sounds dated…:frowning:

Is it time to go back to the drawing board?
(Some of the lyrics are lame I know but as I said it aint a finished song…)


Constructive thoughts appreciated!!!

Nice one, Craig - it’s all there.
I suspect the “dated” tag comes from the Euro feel - Enrique would do it justice;-)
The song is great and so is the track but, together, I’m not sure that it’s hitting the UK vibe your after?
(what do I know;-)

If your target/focus group is 11-15 year old girls you have hit on your hands!

It sounds great.
Yeah maybe some of the lyrics are a bit schmaltsy, but they fit and work.

I think its cool you are exploring…Go for it.


Good stuff chaps :agree:

I’m nearer to where I wanted to be than I thought I was then…

I’m trying to find an area I’m comfortable in. :laugh: