having a strange waveform display problem

I’ve been using n-Track since February, and loving it. Most of my work has been at our band practice studio, where we recorded a 14-song CD this summer.

Now I’m doing some demo work at home, and after I record a track, the waveform display (the track display that shows the waveform) is all distorted (looks like a very loud brutally compressed signal, and is shorter in length than the actual recording) unless I zoom in on the time axis quite a bit, at which point it suddenly looks normal.

I’d post a screen shot, but I don’t know how.

It’s not a problem as much as it’s an annoyance!

Cheers, Tim

I’ve had the same thing.

Mike F

Hi tarmadilo,

I have the same Problem after upgrading to the actual Version build 1703.
You can fix it by deselecting something sounds like “render wave forms while recording” (I am at work, so I can’t start ntrack to take a look) in the preferences dialog under “options”. After that, the waveform image will be calculated after recording a track and dislayed normaly.


I had similiar problem a few weeks ago. Here’s the lenghty conversation and a solution in the end

If you’re willing to read it thru: just mix every track to a new song and the project is salvaged.

Thanks, guys!

Cheers, Tim

I think that when you record forcing 16 bits that the display is set up for 24 bits and the wav picture is truncated due to the limited dynamic range. if you lower your input volume I think you’ll find that the wave form appears more normal.

I’ve experimented with it and it appears to be true. if you lower the volume of the input drastically, the wave forms look just like normal. but if they’re set appropriately for the 24 bit headroom, they look chopped off.